A little roster help -green,purple,red

These are my fully ascended heroes at those colours and the options I have for ascend. I can max one hero of each colour. Should I max any of them or wait? Thank you all.

Red- Grazul

Green- Zocc/Elradir

Purple- wait

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Agree with the above, but just to add, do get your Chameleon to 3.70 - it’s usable at that level and can be bags of fun in certain situations (used mine in the Circus, that was jolly!).

Someone told me once that chameleon is one of the best heroes but I think is one of the worst . Is there a chance that chameleon should be maxed over the other greens? And between zocc and Elradir? Isn’t elradir very situational?

Chameleon on offense is a force to be reckoned with. I use him on problematic rush stall teams. Timed right and you have a legit chance to win. Colour change is only his small niche but the more important skill he has is his super dispel who he is able to disable stall tanks like krampus. Coupled with powerful tile damage buffs, he can shred through teams when timed right

Elradir, while situational succeeds best with 2 or more copies. Check out the elradir thread, and @Homaclese will show you how terrifyingly great 3 elradirs are against a DOT team. You’ll regret feeding away your dupe elradirs seeing that


Meanwhile, Zocc is useful against any enemy that uses mana, which in raids is of course all of them! He can be problematic against monks and clerics, as his mindless attack debuff can be resisted so you’ve kindly filled up their mana for them. Even that can be useful at times though, e.g. force Rigard to cast his heal too soon to be useful, or get a sniper to fire while you have attack down on them.

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It gaves me only one elradir so no worries about that. The only problem who to max as mats are coming hard

I would say zocc actually as well. Because you have atomos, and those two have some interesting synergy. You feed mana to the target with zocc and then atomos fires, dealing more damage the more mana the target has. And because they’re average speed, they can time each other’s skills back to back

I am a big fan of Chameleon. His special (ignore that color change) can be devastating. Combined with wilbur or another def down hero, a fee tiles can kill almost an entire team. I liked him even earlier, but now with all those uncleansable status effects his dispell comes in pretty handy as well.

Purple: If you use purple tanks in rush war, boss wolf would be worth ascending

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Atomos is not maxed! It s an option to max

It’s an option to be maxed if you want that synergy.

Although cham looks like he deserves it too. Because you don’t have an attack buffer. And his dispel is top notch as well. And he’s wizard, seeing your roster with no wizards, he doesn’t have competition with emblems

At wizards I have fully maxed with emblems onatel, Glenda and Sartana with 10 talents so no talents for chameleon

Hmm, I would still say cham, he’s versatile as well. Since you have gravemaker too, you can make use of cham’s colour change, turn enemy reds into greens and deal extra damage to them. Same with mok arr and Clarissa as they deal extra damage to holy. With cham you can change enemy dark to holy and deal extra damage to them. This removes the handicap of mok arr not being able to damage dark enemies

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Chameleon is good hero but surely not best, he can be ascend between Zocc/Elradir with your roster depth. If you not sure about him take him to 3^70 and try him out.

Elradir is good hero with nice damage and amazing in specific situations. He is worth maxing even only because of elemental link, this additional mana is perfect against Bera/Freya realm mana steal.