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I just started playing this game about a month and a half ago and I’m figuring it out as I go. I’m in a silent alliance (we war/fight titans and win, there is literally just no talking. I prefer it that way lol). So I have no one to ask about these things. I looked over the Hero Grading, but I’d rather get some real opinions. My current line up is just the first 4* I pulled (zimkitha, li xiu, tiburtus, Sonya, skittleskull). Now I have some other options and was wonder if I should be replacing my main line up. Here is what i have:

Zimkitha x2 (total of 3)
Bold tusk
Kelile x2


A 2nd Tibertus


Little Johnx2

Anyone who got this far and is actually giving me advice must have the patience of a saint :joy: but I’m trying to figure out which would be the best, so I figure it was worth a shot to ask! And what do I do with all of the extras? Do I need 3 Zimkitha? I know in 6 months I will look back and laugh at being such a clueless noob, but I’m seriously lost as to which ones to use.

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Keep the Zims or at least 2 perhaps. Various thoughts on the boards but do you have 3*? There is value in having at least 1 rainbow 3* team at the beginning for no other reason than it is quick to level. In your case I might suggest building 2 rainbow 4* teams to 3/60 and then see which you want to ascend beyond that. Not knowing the levels of your primary team I’d probably do something like

Tibs #1

Then when/as they hit 3/60
Colen or Kelilie

Again a big factor is how developed your main team is. I’d hold off on leveling a 5* as it is so resource intensive. There isn’t much love around here for skittles and you are likely to hear differing opinions about Colen and Kelilie :grinning:

At any rate you have a nice roster there. I can appreciate somewhat enjoying the chat silence but do think a slightly chattier alliance can be fun as well. Just this evening I got into some witty Princes Bride based banter with a guildmate that had our non playing spouses cracking up as we each relayed the conversation

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If your current team is max, or close to max level I’ll focus on getting a couple of healers levelled:

  • Fire - Boldtusk, followed by Colen, Azlar or a 2nd Zim (depending on your ascension mats and whether you’re heavy into purchases)
  • Holy - Chao
  • Dark - Sabina, followed by 2nd Tiburtus (unless you receive a good 5* or get Proteus during the coming Atlantis)
  • Ice - Kiril, followed by Grimm (or vice versa, depending on mats)
  • Caedmon, followed by Buddy. Kashhrek is a good tank for war at Gold/Platinum level so he can be priority if you need a good defensive team.
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My current team is all on the third tier of ascension. Li xiu and tibertus are level 40-50, while Sonya and Skittleskull I just ascended to the 3rd tier. Zimkitha I just barely took to tier 2, because while i like her speed of action, i think her skill isn’t very good, so i haven’t focused any resources on her really. Which would be the best to put in the middle?

As for 3* I have: Bane, Hawkmoon, Berden, Valen, Vlad, Balthazar, Namahage, Melia, Friar Tuck, Gill-Ra, Ishhtak, Mnesseus, Prisca, Gan Ju, Kailaini, Azar, Karil, Belith, Tyrum, Gunnar, and Brienne. I will start looking into leveling those up too!

I don’t know if you have found this thread yet, but I’d bookmark it.

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As far as your current roster, I’d level the following heroes up.

Red- Hawkmoon, Namahage, Azar. Nashgar when you get him
Blue- Valen, Gunnar. Ulmer when you get him.
Green- Belith, Brienne, Belith.
Purple- Balthazar, Tyrum, Gill-ra, Vlad.
Yellow- Melia, Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani.

Tuck, Isshtak, Karil, and Prisca are fodder.

Red- Boldtusk to 4/70. Kelile and Colen to 3/60
Blue- Grimm, Kiril and Sonya to 4/70 in that order. Boril to 3/60.
Green- Caedmon and Buddy to 4/70. Skittles and LJ can stop at 3/60. Kasshrek is a great tank, but a one trick pony.
Purple- Tibs and Sabina to 4/70
Yellow- Chao and Li to 4/70. Danza to 3/60.

Keep the other 4*, but don’t level them yet. They may get a buff in future update.


Zim-kitty is well worth maxing. There’s no other 5* that cleanses status effects.
Azlar is a beast of a tank, but he’s slow and a big target. He would be good as a second 5* red, but by then you may find a better one.
Richard is probably not worth taking past 2/60.

Welcome to empires and puzzles!

You will ultimately want multiple heroes of each color. When you raid, if you bring multiples of one color, then tiles of that color are much stronger and will kill tanks before they charge up Mana for their special skill.

In addition, the bonus color strength damage helps with Titans as well. You will want to try to get Wu Kong for the most Titan damage since he provides the single best buff in the game (except tarlak)

Personally, I would try to focus on the 4s. You don’t have the final Ascension materials (yet) for the 5 so I’d recommend building,:

Red: boldtusk
Yellow: I don’t know but melia is a very nice 3so I’d consider her over your 4s
Purple: sabina for variety
Blue: Grimm and then Kiril
Green: buddy and then maybe lj and caedmon

You want to feed the same color heroes for the xp bonus since you need many more heroes and doing it this way will help build up your roster the fastest.

Thanks for the link to that thread! I bookmarked it and will delve into it tomorrow, looks like it will give me a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the game, so I appreciate the redirect to that! I really enjoy this game and appreciate this info to help me really understand, so thanks again!

Npnky, that was a very helpful breakdown! I will start putting some resources towards Zimkitha, and follow that path of leveling the best I can.

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Goldensurfer, I wasnt aware of the same color feeding, I’ve just been doing all of whatever I make to whoever I was focusing on at the time, so I will keep the feeding color specific! This has all been so helpful, thanks to all for taking the time to help me out!

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