A little help with my D-Team

Hi All,

Can you help me assemble a team that will hold 2600 cups over night?

Here are my maxed 5-stars:

Red: Gravemaker, Azlar
Green: Lianna, Alberich
Blue: Magni, Rumplestiltskin
Yellow: Joon, Onatel
Purple: Sartana, Kunchen

FYI: Onatel is hoarding all the Wizard Emblems - advice on how to split them between her and Santana would also be appreciated.

Happy Friday!

Alberich - Onatel - Kunchen - Magni - Gravemaker

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Albi- magni-Kunchen-Joon-GM. Rainbow defense.

This team should easily hold you there.

But you have options like
Albi-GM-Kunchen-Joon- Lianna,magni,sart.

Or Albi-Onatel-Kunchen-Joon-GM

Great heroes to work with. Albi and Kunchen are enough to keep you above 2500 by themselves.

Good luck

Albi - Grave - Kunchen - Magni - Joon

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