A little help please

So not sure what’s happened here but in the last few days I seem to be getting raided more than usual, I thought OK let’s go with it and change up, this made things worse lol.
So I’m here seeking a second opinion

For some reason I thought this set up For a raid defence team was OK (it was early this morning when I did it)

This is what I also have

Any help would be appreciated

I think, that problem might be, that players stack green against Alasie and Alberich and Zeline aren’t strong against it.

I also think, Sartana is much better in defence teams than Obakan.

Plus two slow mana heroes next to next is usually fairly easy to take down.

Not sure, what would be best defence team in your case. But I actually probably would try Alby, Alasie, Ares, Zeline and Sartana. What was your defence team, before that?


I second that! Alby - Alasie - Ares - Zeline - Sartana seems to be the best option right now.


Thanks guys I will give that a try.
I went through a summoning drought, I was doing ten pulls and just getting expensive food.
So gravemaker and Delilah tanks are sadly missing.
I want quin (hopefully)

Check that from left…alberich atena Ares zeline vivica…alberich must be on left side

I honestly think that Alasie is better than Athena on defense. Vivica is not good on defense either, especially in the corner. Her heal is useless once she fires because most of your heroes will be dead by then anyway.

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I agree on this! Athena is awesome hero, but she shines in attacking teams. Alasie is much better in defence teams. I use Vivica in my defence team, but she is the hero, which I want to replace. :wink:

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No I don’t use Athena in defense teams, I use her as part of an attack team, paired with another one or two blues if I’m against multiple reds or red Titan.

Will keep these suggestions in mind and the Alby - Alasie - Ares - Zeline - Sartana set up I’m now using.

I want a set up which is not only decent at defense but could put people off raiding me altogether.
I won’t win all the time j know that, but a fighting chance is nice to have.

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