A little help for serious newbie

I can’t lie, I love this game, but I don’t think I am doing something right. Now I know I have to level my heroes up more and all that but can I get a little info as to what group I should have it there, I will post my current roster

Any help at all would greatly be appreciated


Well done for asking for advice early on :+1:

A few quick points:

Never put Heroes of the same colour next to each other in defence.

And kashhrek heals either side of him, so he’s not good on the wing.

Level up kashhrek before skittlskull.

With what you have at the moment, I’d go left to right

Skittlskull - Boldtusk - kashhrek - bane - Balthazar

Find a good teaching alliance if you don’t have one already :slight_smile:

Teaching Alliances

Have a look here for loads more help:

Hero Utility - useful threads

And…minor point… could you spell check your title? That’s just a personal favour, thanks


Don’t level up any 2☆ heroes … they are just feeders.
For 3☆ heroes just feed em 1☆ feeders till they are 8/8 or else the will get maxed and their special skills are still not 8/8.
But Kash shouldn’t be in wing. His buff goes to 2 other allies so switch him with Skittelskul.


Don’t waste your time level up 1-2* heroes. Collect 10 of the same color and feed them at once to 3-4-5* heroes of the same color. Example: 10 of 1-2* red to be fed to 3-4-5* red.

Max out special skill ASAP.

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Absolutely I will and thank you very much

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Thank you, much appreciated

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Thank you very much much appreciated

And I just got kashhrek today is why skittleskull is so much more sdvanced

That’s cool.

You’ve got some good heroes already :grinning:

Ummm i think im doing it wrong everytime i get a hero i upgrade i5 into the other ones … and i only have 5 am i not suppose to do that?

1* / 2* heroes have only one objective, feed the higher stars heroes.

Upgrade your 4* in priority since you will use them for a long time.

Feed the hero you want with same color feeder to maximise xp.

I’ll suggest the following defense team:
Balthazar - Boldtusk (great 4*) - Kashhrek (best 4* tank) - Bane - Skittle

Balt and Bane are very good 3* heroes.

Levelling troops is important in the game. You might consider upgrading your 3* troops until you get 4* troups. Except if you want to compete one day in the Rare event category, you can skip upgrading your 2* troops.

No. You’re going to need lots more than just 5 heroes. For now, save anything you get that is 3* or better. After you have at least 30, then you can start feeding away your 2*.

Don’t waste resources leveling up 1* or 2*. They’re food.

Focus on one hero of each color at a time. Feed them same color feeders in batches of 10 until they are maxed.

Don’t bother with 4* or 5* until you have 2 rainbow teams of 3* maxed. This will let you stack colors.

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