A little disheartning- 5* heroes

this is crazy, i have been playing this game awhile now and have spent quiet a few dollars on it also. i cant seem to pull any hero thats above 3 stars at all. after about 7 months now i have 1 five star hero,Evelyn. am i really this unlucky at these pulls. i used enough crystals last night for 3 pulls in a row and all i got was carver,karil and another nashgar. how in the world do some of these guys have a loaded roster from top to bottom. i cant get a good pick even when i spend the money.

Those guys don‘t do 3 pulls. They do 300…


Even those guys miss sometimes. One of the top players was 0-for-300 on a HOTM he wanted. The probabilities are just pretty abysmal.


well that takes a little of the sting away lol


Chin up, @cain308. For one thing, Evelyn is a very good 5-star hero. Lots of folks would like to have her, especially considering that the standout 5-stars in green are pretty slim pickens. Just because you got a 5-star hero doesn’t necessarily mean you got a good or great hero. It just means you got a hero that takes forever to max. You did, however, get a great 5-star hero when you got one, so be encouraged about that.

The reverse is also true. Just because you didn’t get a 5-star hero doesn’t mean you didn’t get a good or great hero. Look around the boards and see how highly people prize 4-star heroes like Boldtusk, Rigard, Proteus, and Wu Kong. Especially with emblems, these are top-notch heroes that will serve you well for a very long time in the game. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well I’ve done so far in the current raid tournament with a team of mostly emblemed classic 4-stars and two 5-stars that haven’t even reached their final ascensions yet. Without those good 4-stars, you’ll never get the stuff you need to get your 5-stars leveled properly anyway. You really want a bunch of 2^60 Thornes and Horghalls on your bench?

Be patient; it only takes one pull to be a game-changer. Mine was Onatel in January 2019. Things really pick up when you start blowing through Atlantis levels and scoring lots of coins there. It takes a lot less time to collect 100 Atlantis coins than 300 gems, and most of my best heroes came on Atlantis summons. You can also start getting better heroes by getting one or more TC20s up and running. Chances to pull 4- and 5-star heroes every 2 days. I’ve already landed two 5-stars from that in about a month, which is beating the odds by a little (or maybe a lot), but it can happen.

Build the best stable of heroes you can from what you pull, and use those to compete in more parts of the game so that when you do get that great pull, you’ve got the stuff you need to get the most out of that shiny new hero. I’ve been playing daily since September 2018, and I still don’t have the stuff I need to max any of my 5-stars. (I only have four, btw). But I am starting to get a nice variety of 4-stars that lets me do some pretty cool stuff.


thanks for the words of encouragement. i appreciate it

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Well stated, @Noble_Weasel. 4s, not 5s, are really the backbone of a strong player roster, especially in the AWs, and TC20s are the backbone of a good 4* roster - and are free besides.

Once you get two TC20s rolling, new heros from 3* to 5* (about 80% 3s, 15% 4s, and 5% 5s) show up every day, and you’ll soon have so many 4s that it’ll take you months to level them all.

Also, get an AM pipeline going from rare quests and events. The best way to do that is to assemble a strong 4* team that can take down every boss level; Proteus from Atlantis, Merlin from Knights, and Hansel from Grimforest are all good for fighting bosses, and as 4s they’re much easier to draw and ascend.

Once you’ve got TCs and an AM pipeline, aim your draws at special 4s in Atlantis and the events. Guardians is great for heroes who can fight titans; Wilbur from Atlantis is great for all areas, and is as good as many 5*s. If you search for 4s, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised when the 5s start appearing as well. :smile:


Would be nice if they weren’t all duplicates, though (says the guy who drew his 3rd Grimm this morning without once having drawn Kiril!)



Oh, uh, 20 characters or something.

If you play for any length of time, you recognize that you will draw duplicates. Some are so useful (say, in war), that you’ll level both. some you might hang on to for a rainy day, and some are just instant food for your other heroes.

I find it helpful to summon without expectation (and run a TC20 for classic heroes)…if i do get a great card(s) then i’m jazzed. if i don’t, then it’s not the end of the world and i don’t cry.

However, i do think you ought to read the “What Is Gacha” thread before spending any serious amount of money on this or any other game.

Best of luck to you!!!


Oh, I know that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Just frustrating. Hoping the hero academy comes sooner rather than later. On principle, I have a hard time feeding away 4-stars, but nobody really needs three Danzaburos, I’m pretty sure!

The next money I spend will be the first.

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i have four Kashreks, but i’m going for a five-set. i’ve eaten my Grimm#3 :grin:

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I fought a raid against a defense team of five Thornes once. 4 at 1^1 and one maxed. Didn’t understand color stacking back then and got my rear end handed to me.

I seriously thought about doing a five Danza attack if I ever had enough. If even two or three of them did swords, it could be game over in a hurry. Not wasting that many yellows to feed them all, though.


2 are enough of almost every hero. When you keep more for wars, okay, but not in the same team.

Even if they’d all cast swords, the blindings would overwrite each other, while another hero could do some additional things.

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i just like lizards :grin:

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Just check the odds of pulling a 5*. To say those odds are disgusting is being nice.
There are a lot of players who have over 1 YEAR of game play and may only have one 5* to show for it.

It is heartbreaking but the game is designed for you to lose. For example, when you spend 300 Gems & do a summons you have a 98.7% chance of losing. On other summon gates you have up to 99.7% chance of losing. How close can you get to 100% ?

If i were to ask you to bet on a horse that had a 98.7% chance, that’s nearly a 100% chance TO LOSE, would you be interested?

So there, it’s not really encouraging.

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And yet, here you still are. Game must be doing something right or you’d have been long gone.

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I think the portal summon odds and count of different 4* / 5* heroes is very good for creating variety and interesting play. All my worries are on server outages and other things.

If it makes you feel better, I did 10 10-pulls this event summon (spending over 30,000 gems) to try and get Guinevere and didn’t get a single legendary hero. Got two Merlin and two Sir Lancelot and the rest all classic 3 and 4 star heroes.

Last Atlantis, I spent $300 and got nothing also.

To be honest, I’m on the verge of quitting this game. It’s at the point that it’s just not fun. There’s absolutely no reason to make the odds of getting a 5* hero so horrible. Other than the company is just greedy and has no reason to increase the chances because enough people are spending big money to support the game.

Without building up a solid bench of 5* heroes, I’m stuck. I can’t really progress in wars because I’m facing alliances that have solid 5* benches and awesome heroes.

So either you just have stupid amounts of money to spend or you are one of the extremely lucky. Otherwise, you will reach a point in this game where you get stuck.

My honest advice is to literally just stay F2P. Don’t spend a dime. It’s not worth it for this game.


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