A little (big) help for leaders of alliance

I was wondering , would there be any chance to make a thing like , marking people i alliance for not fighting titans? I know is just something which is not an importand thing needed in a game but would make a lots of different for leaders. What does people think about idea like this? I know the bigger alliance’s havent got this problem but small alliance does like mine , im giving my players 3 chance’s of they do not hit titans 3 times they are out

We just get screenshots after each Titan battle to refer to.


What I do to cater for that is make everyone a co leader. If they fail to hit the titan once demote them back to elder. If they miss again then demote back to member and if they fail again then kick. Works the same way as you are requesting.


Both of you have a good way of doing it , Leenbrind i don’t know if i risk doing your way some people on polish side (if they dont like you for whatever reason) just join your alliance to kick your players out hah if i could trust people i would do thay way :slight_smile:

they would only be able to kick ppl that already on their way of being kicked.

I believe you are mistaken. If someone is made co-leader they can demote and kick anyone. There have been several instances if this happening and it makes quite a mess.

Я бы предложил добавить в альянс, возможность лидером делать рассылку определенного письма на игровую почту участникам альянса, с пометкой как важное сообщение

A Co-Leader cannot demote nor kick another co-leader. Only Leader can perform these tasks.

Thanks for the correction, Havock. Good catch! :zipper_mouth_face:

I do see your point though that there is potential for a co-leader to go rogue and demote/kick for not good reasons. :slight_smile:

We take pictures of the Titan result and Add them in an Line Album. Everybody can see it and you have an overview of all titans.

Works Great :wink:

But i would like to have an overview who hits how often the Titan!!!

I have a Facebook page and line to cater for that. Every member knows that I am the only one who is to do the kicking so if they get kicked and it wasn’t me then they can contact me and I bring them back. Luckily they don’t do anything like that.
When they’re all the same rank as co leader they can’t kick another co leader out. Only the leader can kick or demote another co leader.

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You could take screen shots of the small list at the bottom where it shows you who has scored what however it would be easier to write it down.

What about an Elder? I had an Eldet boot a member she felt was inactive! I thought, first, she didn’t ask me, but worse, it was an ability that the Elder had! Was this a glitch?

It’s no glitch. Our alliance takes the authority to remove a member very seriously. We have a leader and co-leaders who understand the responsibility. We discuss it as a committee and then explain to our members our decision.

We don’t promote anyone to elder because of that remove button. Our members understand that the game doesn’t offer an honorary title.

Thanks Princess. I wish our old leader who left without a word to join another league, explained all of that. He just willy nilly promoted ppl.

как сменить лидера? наш пропал на пол года.

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