A list of players who leave alliance after match making and before the end of war

Hi. Yet again we’ve had a selfish player leave before using his flags in the war. This chap is level 59 and quite knowledgeable. He came to our alliance during a war so now makes me think did he leave his last alliance the same way.

He was joining in the chat room discussions. We’re a bit quirky and so was he. He got on ok with us all. (We’re a small alliance of 6 now) told another player that he should alter his way of playing. But then just left before the war started. Him having a high level means that we’ll struggle to match the foe we’ve been pitted against.

Can there be a list of players who do this sort of thing regularly. I would loved to warn his new alliance what he’s like.

There could be a way of those 6 unused flags going to other members. Say player with most trophies gets one then next and so on. If an alliance player puts up a small team then that affects the other players scores. So why not do similar with the unused flags

Thank you


Well, we in Poland have Facebook group, where we strictly monitor all war deserters. The list enlarges nearly every war :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont understand why SG hasn’t done anything to stop any deserters. They are completely innocent, because there is no punish for desertion. That’s why playera must monitor it on their own.

What is very interesting - most of deserters are 40-55 lvl :smiley:


The problem is, quite often, it’s people who appear to spend quite a bit of $$$ so to change the name is not an issue for them and boom they adjust their defence and look like someone else. We had this issue for a while and gone invitation only.

Maybe displaying the alliance membership history would help in solving it so they can be kicked out before it’s to late…



First off just a general warning to this thread. Forum rules prohibit naming and shaming of players.

So awesome work so far, no breaches so far!

I know in Line there was a room which was a “blacklisted” room which kept track of people who were war jumpers, racists, alliance nukers, poachers etc…

One thing to note tho is that the old method of tracking such players no longer is available. previously, one used to be able to block the player and then from The blocked players list be able to see where that person was what their name was where their Alliance is etc…

In the V26 Update, this was changed. See this thread for more:

So I’m not sure anymore how accurate those lists will be and how they’ll be maintained.


Juxekxx02 - very interesting and sad. We had a similar case only this person. was around level 20. We had to kick him and he came back the next day. Then, the war started and … gone.

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Hi. I never thought of that - them changing id and a face transplant :lol: etc. Thank u

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