A lil team help please


Hey there. Recently had some luck rolling heros so got to swap some 4* heros into my line up for 3* heros. Since doing this i have not been doing as well in raids as before. Im thinking its either a function of my team being more defensive now or an unlucky streak but id like your kind advice on how best to utilize my heros. Which of the 3 teams they should go on (attack, defense, titan) and what positioning for defense. Heros are: Li Xu, Boril, Caed, Scarlett, Sabina. Also have Chao (unleveled), Bane (maxed) and Valen (also maxed)
Thanks for any thoughts!


One key thing to remember is that 4* heros (unleveled) arent better than 3* heros (fully leveled)

Better to look at their attack / defense / health combined with their special ability.

That being said, for raid offense single target fast hitters are great and armor debuffs are great.


Thanks Fledoble. I did wait to sub in Boril and Li until they were leveled to where they had mostly better stats. You think on offense i would be better off putting Valen and Bane back in? On titans its a no brainer i know…


Hi Whiskey. Looking at the list of your heroes, you definitely have a defensive heavy lineup. That is ok though, because you have some great heroes here once they are leveled up. If I were you, I would set my lineups like this:

Defense Team: Caed - Sabina - Li Xiu - Boril - Scarlett
Attack Team: Caed - Sabina - Boril - Chao - Scarlett

I know that these heroes are not all leveled up, but these are the lineups that I would strive for. Li Xiu is an absolute monster as a defensive team’s tank and you will find most of the top players using her in that position. Sabina and Boril in the 2 and 4 position will make killing your hitters a huge pain. Finally, Caed is a beast and also has a debuff that is super useful and both Scarlett and Caed are fast hitters. The only change I can see making for your attack team is to switch in Chao as he is a much better attacker than Li Xiu. Anyways, sorry for the long message. I hope this helps. Great team, and best of luck!


Derp. Forgot to include a fully leveled Kailani on defense. I usually take out Scarlett to put her in.


@Tallman is correct in his list imo. Just remember to use your 3 star heroes until you have levelled your 4s past the point where they are stronger.

Your attack team will be ok but what you will still be lacking is a hero that lowers defence. In your setup that would be Grimm or tiburtus since both boril and Sabina is relatively weak in attacking team.


Thanks for the good advice i believe it has helped my game!