A letter to the devs - I'm not quitting so let's talk direction :)


That’s the bottom line, Period!


This is not how it works. The plan is to get $1000 from those 100 people. That is what makes a successful game. The idea behind games like this is to build the game to the point where you can attract players that will spend $1000+, certainly not $10+. Build the game until its self-sustaining, then move onto another project.


You need a base of small spenders to get big spenders. Big spenders aren’t going to drop $1000 if there’s no one else to play with. That was the point. In actuality, you need both, but if you price out the little guys on the bottom, the floor falls out from under the game. Seen it.


True, but this game is geared towards keeping the big spenders.


@Rigs I am not complaining about too many heroes. I’m happy with the heroes I have, personally. I am merely observing that the flood has made it easier to focus only on what I have rather than what I don’t.

I do agree that the masses are fickle and difficult to please, but have become interested in the lifecycle of the game, which I hope will last at least 5-8 years as they claim. I dislike seeing a developer lose focus, lose players and abandon the game for something else prematurely. On the off chance this post is not just shouting in the dark, it is worth the shot to give well-reasoned feedback.

At no point do I feel in the OP (or in my replies, but I’m biased) was there complaining, per se, more like observations and concern.

That is a little different, if only in tone, than these complaints you reference.

Sadly I do not feel that too many gameplay variations are coming.

we shall see.


Hard to convey my tone in text, when i reread my own posts it seems like it always comes off abrasive or with a challenging undertone, i know what you mean and i just wanted to mention that this flood of heros was a request by the players. I would love to see new gameplay, have bounced ideas around off other players and SG but so far none have hit the mark


I am not upset at all. You don’t use personal attacks so I just assume you are having a conversation from a different perspective. All is well on my end.

The sneaky BS I feel is that the devs pay attention just enough to make you feel like what you have to say is valued… SG does a decent job communicating but I just wish certain small things would be implemented (eg more in depth statistics for alliances / players for war, titans, events, etc) because I feel it would add much more enjoyment. Obviously as we have said, additional gameplay (like a PvP battle event with special rewards) would be awesome. But some parts of the game feel unfinished.


Very good point. I have only been playing since August and I spent a ton off money at first trying desperately to get the “right” heros. Like you said " I didn’t know better". Now I do and only spend a fraction of what I use to spend.
I still look at the top ranked players have the oldies but goodie. To mention a few Gravemaker must be fabulous because the top players often have more than one Gravemaker in their lineups. The best healer is an oldie and Goodie Guinevere. I see her in most of the top 20 teams. Also Guardian Panther is way up there and would have loved to grab her but didn’t have the money.
So I’m wondering, what new heros that were stated in a previous blogs are better than those heros??? I would love to know.


sorry dude, but if you can’t get ahead in this game with the “old” heroes that you can get totally free from TC20, then you need to spand time on learning how to play, not spend money on the new heroes.
there’s no one you can’t beat with sartana, magni/Richard , viv/joon, azlar/marjana, and lianna. all are amazing heroes to fight with.


Agree with Ambassador totally…developers please consider his words, A LOT of members are thinking the same. I have spent a few hundred and didn’t mind until lately when my five * heroes are outmatched already and decided to halt the spending. Still want to play but I see the writing on the wall that I won’t be keeping up. I do love this game.


I think it’s important to recognize that you won’t be about to get every single hero maxed out. It’s nice to give more variety but there needs to be improved balance with the heroes. There needs to be a tank that’s equally effective as Guinevere.

I disagree with the details of op but agree with the general theme: this game needs to keep it’s f2p element and with the absence of chances at hotm/Atlantis heroes for them, the gap between f2p and p2w is widening quickly.

The game is releasing new features: the map levels have magic night and poison clouds and dense fog and every month we are seeing some changes… In the map (which is a minor aspect)

Heroes are being rolled out slowly (a few each month) instead of doubling the hero pool in one update.

So while I think the intent is being targeted by SG, the fundamental problem is that to be competitive you absolutely need to spend now.

The new heroes either need to be closer to the f2p available ones or some mechanic to allow in game acquisition of them is necessary. The Atlantis coins I guess is their answer, but they and maybe gold hero tokens should be more available as in game rewards.


I personally feel like I’m stuck in analysis paralysis with whether to max out current heroes or wait another month or two to see what else comes out.


Sparto - this is perfect. I love the term “analysis paralysis.” That’s exactly what has happened. And to golden’s point - the one thing is that with the second season, you may see them roll out the heroes slowly, but we don’t know who the heroes are (thus anaylsis paralysis - who do you want to upgrade and who and what is coming when) and you can only get it during a specific time of the month. I agree also about the gap with F2P vs P2W


I do think a good portion of this is timing. There is already the monthly HOTM. Add to that one (or possibly two) Season 2 5*, plus two old HOTM and you already have four new/limited 5*'s a month.

But then everyone wanted a fall event with heroes, so add another 5*, 4* and 3*. And then everyone wants Christmas event heroes. Enter another two 5*'s, a 4*, and a 3*.

All of a sudden in an approximately 75 day time-period you have fifteen new/limited 5*'s (five in October/Halloween Event, four in November and six on December/Christmas event), two new 4*'s and two 3*'s. It’s a lot. But after the Christmas event it should calm back down some, though still pumping out four or five new/limited 5*'s a month.

Good or bad, that’s going to equal well over one hundred new/limited heroes over the full (what, 9 month) release of Season 2, with the vast majority of those heroes being a clear step above the TC heroes.


luv it. so true about complaints changing -some ppl r just not happy unless they r griping. but 4REAL it would be nice to see new features added to the game instead of simply adding new heroes. i kno quite a few ppl who would really love to make ‘friends’ &then battle each other, or an alliance challenge where u would battle WITH ur teammates. these could allow newer players an opportunity to practice &hone their skills without losing trophies or rank. and (well duh) these cud be options that are not necessarily free-personally i am certain that ppl would pay a few $$ for the chance to whoop a friend’s team…&this could also help the greedy devs b/c ppl would be hunting for heroes better than their friends’ teams. if they really did add more gameplay features that wer at 1st f2p/f2w & those features evolved into c2p or c2w, i believe many ppl would be spending that little $$ for the chance to battle friends (this could be a great profit for s•g if they were really interested in DEVELOPING the game instead of chasing off loyal players by turning e&p into p2p/p2w). maybe i am wrong…but how sweet would it be to see new options for gameplay instead of just new heroes that hardly ever summon??? thanx for the eloquent post ambassador–lets hope that someone with a clue actually reads it&acts!!


@requiax I agree (I think—some white space in you posts would help!).

@Ambassador’s excellent post made two top-level points:

  1. The rate of new, top-tier heroes entering the game is destabilizing and
  2. Development time would be better spent on gameplay enhancements—starting with bug fixes and code streamlining, but focused on new ways to use heroes.

Most of the responses have focused on point 1, but I think point 2 is actually more important. Acquiring and leveling heroes is not something that engages players daily.

Alliance Wars was a major addition to gameplay. While it still needs work, I think the core matching is pretty solid now. There have been some clever ideas about improving wars, and it would be nice to see some fresh ideas added.

Compared to other phone games, though, what AW is lacking is anything to do after flags are used up, other than chat. I’ll often drop off then and come over here for awhile, but 99% of people just log off. How can SGG change that? Intra-alliance sparring is the obvious addition to address this. Other ideas?

Season 2 world play provides fresh challenges, but unfortunately it has limited replay value as the rewards for farming there don’t really match S1 in most cases.

Other ideas for enhanced game play?


New quests that appear semi regularly that use some of the seasonal quest features would help, or even integrate those into some other category of gameplay such as world map or a more challenging raid category.

The seasonal quests eggs, pumpkins, and frozen blocks seem to be something enjoyed by many players since it’s a change(have heard the complaints of not being able to replay the quests once completed). And i think seeing similar features more than 4 times a year would bring a new light to the game, it’s actually the kind of change i was hoping for with season 2.

The different challenges they have already implemented in certain levels is a nice touch, but not enough to make season 2 feel that much different than season 1 especially for players that have already played for 12+ months and can beat season 2 advanced levels without breaking a sweat. Maybe add an even harder difficulty to season 2 implementing features similar(not exactly the same) to the seasonal quest? Idk. Just thoughts.


I think this is a huge opportunity. The pumpkins in Halloween were a ton of fun, a relatively simple change to the game mechanics that totally changes everything.

I think the Season 2 special levels are a great step in this direction, but I agree, the board mechanic changes in the seasonal events feel more engaging.



Thank you for the shout out. I do think it’d be great to steer this thread a little bit more toward gameplay.

Some ideas:

  1. We have a titan that you go at with your best characters, but what about adding a daily/weekly/monthly quest/challenge where you can only use heroes of a certain star value. For example, this could be fighting a single monster or even fighting unlimited waves of monsters, go as far as you can in a set period of time, but you can only use 3* or 4* etc. This would add a different dimension where 3*'s matter for more than just events once a month and 4* would have more of a role other than support for 5* in a stack (for example). Same goes for troops.

Loot from this could give you a higher chance of ascension materials. It’d help the balance between rate of new heroes and rate of ascension materials. Might even restrict it to 3* materials and not the 4* ones needed for 5* heroes. This would also be helpful to close the gap in wars if you think about it because F2P players would have an easier time deepening the bench (with 4* heroes), but the edge would still go to those that managed to have more maxed 5’s. OR this could be used specially to get the materials necessary to craft. Or maybe just a guaranteed flask - win win because you have fun playing and then you get a flask so you can keep playing.

  1. Change the board - make the grid bigger or use a different puzzle configuration. Could even start adding special gems that automatically fill the mana of a hero or completely drain the mana of a hero. This could come into effect only for the special new features.

  2. Have an option to speed up the special animations (let’s be honest, we’ve all been frustrated when we know the raid is lost and yet we have to endure 5 specials going off from the other team and the 10 seconds that feels like an eternity that comes with it).

  3. Obviously sparring with members in your own alliance

  4. Special weekly titles to the alliance member who is the top cups (on average), top titan hitter, top war hitter, etc. - spurs some inter-alliance competition.

  5. Trade center either in alliance or global to allow trading of heroes or mats

  6. Synergy between quests and titan. If you want quests to matter again (in addition to making the loot relevant), give a bonus to the performance against the titan based upon the overall activity of the alliance as a whole in finishing the daily quests.

Maybe this will spark some discussion?


Why would anyone think of quitting? After over 3 months of playing I got my FIRST ever Orb of Magic.

In a year I might actually be able to ascend my first ever 5* Drake Fong up to level 70.