A letter to the devs - I'm not quitting so let's talk direction :)

I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been playing this game for some time now. I hope that in some way this post can reach the devs and maybe as forums allow, others will comment. I’m sure there are other similar posts, but here’s mine.

This is a plea to SG to slow down and take a deep breath. There is an astonishing rate of new heroes being put out and many of them now are way overpowering the old 5* heroes. At the same time, there are not really any new enhancements to the game play itself, and certainly it could be argued that the game is increasingly buggy. The focus has been on the money grab and the need to pull new heroes to “keep up.” At the same time, the likelihood to get these heroes is going down. The result is that it’s more expensive overall or you keep paying the same amount, but you get less in return on average. This will frustrate many people and may result in a loss of players. The risk is that you burn out because there is no game without a healthy base of players to compete against.

The inherent challenge (for any game) is stale gameplay right? Keep doing the same thing day in and day out with no change and eventually it’s not going to be as fun anymore. And so naturally, you have to do something to “keep it fresh.” But an outpouring of new special edition heroes every month that overpower and negate all prior heroes is not the right answer. It imbalances the game, which we are seeing play out. I remember when we hadn’t ever seen someone with 3000 trophies and now you can get 3200 (just to throw out something tangible). No doubt you have to bring out new heroes and that over time, these heroes will have to be stronger than the old ones or have new facets to their specials, but a slower controlled release seems like a smarter play. Or, make it easier to get them. When you hear of people spending $500 and $1000 just to get a hero (and yes that exists) and there are a ton of new game changing heroes coming out monthly, you’re simply going to price people out. Or they’ll stop spending (which a lot of people do). Then it gets stale. Then people leave. It’s one thing to throw a little change at the game and spend a little bit here and there, but a greater focus on P2W is a short term win and a long term lose.

How this has affected my game – since it’s kind of important to understand the background behind the voice to appreciate his or her motives - I personally have been doing well, but I notice that my attack and defense teams have completely morphed in just the last month or two. I no longer use most of the heroes that used to be staples in my lineup. I understand that over time this is bound to happen, but I used a lot of the same heroes for the better part of 6 months and more recently, some of these heroes may not stay in the lineup for more than a month before there’s someone new. At this rate, I don’t actually even want to invest in the new heroes or ascend any new heroes because my team is doing just fine (max trophies 3000+) and I don’t know how many new heroes will come out when and I’ll just wish that I had saved my materials. And to that end, let’s just point out that you cannot get ascension materials anywhere near fast enough to keep pace with the outpouring of new heroes.

So where do we go from here? The obvious first answer is fix the bugs that plague the game. Nothing more frustrating than when basic stuff doesn’t work. But if you feel it is time to add another facet to the game, consider this. You can add more heroes. You can upgrade the heroes higher. You can do all these things, but in a measured and controlled manner (not like it’s your first party in college) because slow, sustained growth is the answer to almost every situation.

What about instead giving us new ways to apply the heroes we already have? You could consider letting us spar within our alliance or with friends. Let us keep a friend list within the game and allow us to attack our friends. It doesn’t even really need an award. A lot of people would just get a kick out of being able to do this.

You could add a new “portal” or building that takes you to a battle ground. Access granted by tokens that you get as an award from war or from titans or as random drops or from mystic vision or that cost 100 gems or whatever you want. Maybe even a new puzzle. Instead of connecting gems together, maybe in this new portal, you have to solve a different kind of puzzle. Or the board is just bigger. And there are rewards based on how far you get. Maybe we want these tokens or would pay gems to gain access because it allows us to get ascension items. I’m being vague because I’m not a dev and it’s not my game to design, but give us stuff to play. Not more heroes to gamble on at a rate that outpaces the ability to even get the ascension materials necessary to upgrade them. You can get $1000 from one person, or $10 from 100 people and you make the same amount of money either way, but one model is more sustainable than the other in the long run.

I hope that you consider my thoughts in this post. I’m happy to discuss further if warranted.




Very well written post,andI couldn’t agree more. Fingers crossed for some changes that keeps the average player in the game. I’ve invested a lot though not nearly as much to be considered anywhere near pay to win. So the heroes that I have finally been able to level up/ascend that were considered great when I started playing seven months ago are now smoked by the newer Heroes. I just can’t spend the money to get the rapid release of Fantastic heroes available. Sadly I am considering losing my investments and leaving this game because I can’t compete anymore!


Hi @Ambassador

That’s a really articulate and thoughtful post.

I’m confident that the developers do read the forum and take note of good ideas. :+1:


Very well articulated, very correct, but in my opinion wrong. The last heroes, for months, are worse than the old ones, since the disaster of Aegir until the last, for several months the hotm and special heroes are inferior to the old ones and, in many occasions, inferior to the basic ones.


I don’t disagree with your post but the bottom line is money. Nobody there cares if you are having fun playing the game, they care about your spending money. For every person who stops spending because of terrible odds, poor game play, bad luck, boredom, etc… there are 10 more who don’t know any better who start spending and that’s all that matters to them.


Awesome post. I have kind of had a feeling for awhile that devs are just aiming for the short gain before the game collapses but maybe all the money grabs are just careless mistakes or blind greed. Hard to say.

They told press they are releasing a new game but they plan on continuing to put 90% of their focus on their flagship game(this one) and plan on it lasting 5 to 8 years.

So i guess all we can do is hope they’re in it for the long haul as most players are and can find a middleground between f2p and p2w that makes the game more enjoyable for us but keeps money in their pocket as well.

Players dont have an issue with spending money on an activity they enjoy, but when the enjoyment is gone then spending is pointless. The things you listed above are common factors driving people out of the game. Look over the majority of the complaining or quitting threads in this forum, you can find relatively the same topics discussed above but just worded much worse instead of the constructive criticism route


Might have to start a new thread for it but i would be highly interested in hearing the comparisons you’re making in this reply, think it would be a popular read

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Ber, while I respect that opinion, I’d love some specific examples. No question that a lot of the old heroes are incredible, my team consisting of Alby, Grave, Guinne, Victor, and Grave (with a swap of Alby for Panther depending on the mood) is in my opinion mostly new heroes. A little bit we also have to see what rolls out next as you have Poseidon, Atomos, Kageburado, the Christmas heroes (by the way where’s the Hebrew Hammer and Kwanzah characters???) all sitting in the land of theoretical.


Thanks Rigs, and yes I do not mean this as a “I’m quitting and here’s why thread.” It’s clear that the devs are putting effort into developing this game and my understanding is that they are receptive to feedback or suggestion. My hope is that, to the extent that is permissible, we might be able to use the forums to put up some ideas on the board and that they may be open to it. For me personally, I’m not a disgruntled player and I’m not quitting. I’m also not a programmer so I don’t have an appreciation for how feasible any of this stuff is, but I am in some capacity an investor in the game that appreciates a mode of communication. And I have a vested interest in trying to prolong the quality of my game.


This is very well articulated, reflects exactly what I’ve been thinking. I hope the devs read this and give it some consideration. Well said @Ambassador


Exactly. Couldnt have said it better. Guessin ambassador isn’t just a nickname


Very good post Ambassador!

@Petri @Sara @mhalttu

Some weekend reading … lol


May I ask a question to the OP? And others, of course.

I find it interesting that you, and others in other posts, highlight that S1 heroes are becoming irrelevant. I play exclusively on S1 heroes (plus I have original pull Ares, Perseus, Greg, not a single S2 pull made yet) and have noticed no increased difficulty in using them, be it war, raids, titans, etc. Maybe in time this will change as folks find out how to maximize them and they find their way into more teams in raids and wats, but I don’t see the issue at all since S2 came out.

In fact, I freaking love seeing some of the S2 heroes in raids, some are REALLY easy to kill in raids. Tarlak especially.


Each hero have his area and S2 heroes are mainly for attacks. You’ll rarely see them on defense.
Just like some “spicy air” were not meant to be found on “kitchens” but it killed way more soldiers than guns.


people who put tarlak in defense are misusing him. he’s awesome but not on defense. I can tell you that tarlak plus delilah on my second account makes a lot of harder content easier there than on my primary account with over twice as many 80s.

lots of the new heroes are very good. Ask anyone who has tarlak and or wilbur what that’s done for their titan teams. and for 4s proteus triton and wilbur are all excellent heroes. If you’re playing in the 4 star space those are all top notch heroes.

Wilbur pretty much made grimm, tiburtus, and gormek all 3 almost obsolete. All 3 have rode my bench for months now since i maxed wilbur. They used to be a regular part of my color stacking teams. Sooo kind of wish i hadn’t spent the mats on them although they are nice for wars

we may see some season 1 heros get some boosting eventually if things keep goin the way they are. But the 2019 skills could solve the issue as well


Better hotm heroes than old/tc20 means more money to spend… Thats the ideea …

This is pretty accurate


So are you saying old heros dont have a use for spenders anymore?

No. Justifing why they bring better heroes as per the letter.

Offtopic: you dont like me, do you?

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