A letter for SG – Free 5* for Everyone on Christmas / Free 4* Ascension Material

I’m dedicated too…my dream would be able to gift some 4* and 5* dupes to newer Alliance members…but, alas, it will remain a dream.

Lol, amazing.

Or could a ‘dream feature’ be the ability to fill a chest while I’m dreaming?

Just plug the app right into my brain!

That just went into the Black Mirror territory :rofl:


And what do you think about a present box?

Every member select a box to another member of the alliance.

In that box you can put into anything for the other person.

Both members have to be in an ally for at least 150 days.
Every member can select once a box.
Every member can be selected once.

For materials, objects and heros 1* maximum 400 units.
For materials, objects and heros 2* maximum 100 units.
For materials, objects and heros 3* maximum 10 units.
For materials, objects and heros 4* maximum 1 unit.

Heros must be not levelled (1-1)

Sharing love through SG to everyone :wink:

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Well, some kind of present or gift system would be nice to have but not like this. In every alliance there are different people with different playstyles and different spending habbits. There are whales, P2W, C2P and F2P players just to name a few. So they have whole different items that they could send as a gift. One of your mates is selected by a whale in your alliance and gets Jackal, Hansel, Falcon, Peters or any other top tier 4* hero because he had lets say 5 or even more, so he gave 1 away. But you are selected by a C2P or F2P player who can only send you some regular or atlantis hero you already had or some 3* mats you dont need. It feels bad for you that you did not get anything good and the sender also feels bad because he could not give anything good to you. So the gap between the top and bottom players of an alliance gets even bigger.

I would suggest a quest instead, it would be lets say 5 or 10 stages long the last stage being as hard as the last stage of a rare quest or emblem quest. The quest would appear on Dec. 1st and close at Dec 25 at 7:00, during that time all memebers would have time to beat the quest. Beating each stage of the quest would not give any or just limited instant rewards but give 1 point to the alliance gift box which would open in the morning of Dec 15 at lets say 10:00 and give some stuff to every memeber of the alliance. The loot available would depend on the participation in the quest. Here is an example, there is an alliance with 20 members, that means their max points is 100 if the quest is 5 stages long, so their 100% participation is at 100 points, 90% at 90 points and so on. The 100% loot would be the best, and i mean really good loot like 4* mats, EHTs, or even straight up rare (special, or event ) heroes, up to 4s (a hero designed as a prize for this quest or any event 4 like Jackal or Peters, but only the good ones). That way the alliance could work together towards some great stuff once a year to keep up the spirits and giving a free 4* hero out would not cut the spending IMO so SG would still get its money.

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I think it would be a great idea if the game would give us some ascension items from our wish list for Christmas! :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays!

Oh yes please - but it will never happen lol

the $2 and $10 deals are as close as your going to get from them…

It will be EHT like last year.

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