A Kashhrek problem

No it isn’t facing him really. It is mainly a question of whether or not to use sturdy shields on him. My Alt #1 got him as one of my first healers before I got BT on that account. My main on the other hand got him in a dog pile of other greens like LJ, Melendor, Hansel, and Gobbler. Call my bacon a hipster but I will give Gobbler some shields. It is just I have a lot better healers and greens than him and a ‘should I push him to the backburner’ kind of deal.

Thanks in advance. :grin::+1::pizza:

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Hes Ok…

Kashhrek’s problem is he doesn’t really have any long-term benefit…
He’s a mid-game tank who is often surpassed by a damage dealing 5* Average/fast hero. Once you get to the range of players who know how to combat Kash, he doesn’t stand much of a chance (I’d say about 3300 + range).

Unlike most other 4* heroes, Kashhrek doesn’t have a use BEYOND a defensive tank. Ones like Mel have high attack & a full team heal.

My vote is to let him lye if you have other 4* greens on your alt.


Kash is too much of a niche hero. I maxed one on my main account only because I needed more variety in my 4-star wizard bench and I had 20+ shields sitting in my inventory. Kash is not useful once you have a Melendor and if you have any kind of 5-star tank he is not worth developing at all. But if you are struggling to get a 5th Wizard to complete the emblem quests he is better than nothing.


I have a similar issue; I have plenty of good healers, a nice bench of 4* and a handful of good 5* either maxed or in the process of being maxed. Kashhrek came along VERY LATE for me, and now I’m wondering if there’s much point to maxing him at all.

In the current tournament, with no Red heroes allowed, I found myself wishing I had him maxed. My center three in my defense are (left-to-right): Melendor, Little John, Caedmon. If I could’ve had Kash maxed out and in the middle, I think it might be a little bit stronger.

But that is most certainly niche usage: tank in a 4* Red-restricted Buff Booster tournament? :slight_smile: Still, I didn’t feed him away yet, so I’ll see if I get some desire to level him someday. I mean, my other options to level up in Green right now are… Margaret (who I will bring to 3-70) and… I guess another Little John. :wink:

Good gaming!

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I really love him in the beginning to the middle, but later of the game after i got many 4 and 5*. Kashhrek never see the sun again. He has limited use and taking out precious space without really making differences (on offense).

So if u are beginner to mid player he is sturdy on defense. Very good as war tank. But later in the game he will eat dust

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I’ve had the same experience that others here are posting. Kashrek did great on a defense team during 1800 cup ranges, but once you’re in 2400, he really only comes out for Class quests, and only then if there are no other options.

what do you use for a tank?? kash is a great tank in lower gold and down.


I have him but wasn’t able to max him before I got more appealing heroes and healers, so I never got to level him. He’s a decent tank early on, but he will be outgrown very fast.

I’ve since fed his dupe but will eventually max the original just for added depth in my roster. He’s not a a necessity though.

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He came in handy for AW’s and when I was fighting my was up to Gold (due to the lack of any better green). Other than that he chills on my bench cracking cheesy jokes about Gobbler

He can still be annoying stuffed in a corner with Field Aid, my younger alliance mates hate him but have also learned to fight fire with fire, so to speak :wink:

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As stated by others. I would skip him.

He has no use late in the game other than 4* tournaments and only in the buff booster and rush attack formats without red. Thats a very small amount of tournies and even then you still have gadeirus which is the superior 4* green tank in these formats anyway. A case can also be made for buddy who is more useful in other areas as well

If you want a 4* green tank for tournaments then gadeirus is the hero to go for.


I used him for raid and war defense, as flank between Kiril and Cyprian. But after I maxed Li Xiu, he had to leave that place…and now he’s always sitting on the bench, even in this tournament. He’s not super useful there with red restricted, only the healing would be nice, so I kept the Li Xiu tank.

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Kash is alright basically near enough cleared season 1 and 2 with him on my main team. As stated above is a wizard allways handy for quests and healers always needed for war team even it just 3 better than nothing.
Wouldn’t hurt to take to 3/60 one day and you never know what his costume gonna be like if you maybe get that too!


Guvnor’s post basically sums up everything you need to know about Kash. If there was more of a tangible benefit to having a stout mid-tier defense, I’d be all for him. But the reality is, there’s just always more benefit to focusing on titan/raid/quest teams up until you reach the top levels, where Kash is no longer useful.


@Rohn Right now on my first alt I use Tibs. And on my main, Cyp.

I have pulled several Kashhreks. Fed away all the dupes and kept the original, whom I leveled to 3/60. I do not have any plan to max him at this point… unless the costume convinces me otherwise.

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@lightsmessenger Yeah, I think that is the right call at the moment. Get him to 3-60 on my first alt and wait for his costume for the other profiles. Thank you to everyone for your responses. :grin:

I like kashrek better than melendor. Kashrek only heals 3 but he DOES HEAL, compared to melendor who is DEAD when you NEED him.

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I just thought I’d come back here to say that… I just ran into a Kashhrek tank in raid. Man, he was extremely tough. I ended up losing because I could not take him out…

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I would use kash over either of those given a choice

If you are desperate for greens he is still, contrary to what many might think including @Guvnor, not too bad in a two green stack raid. This is coming from someone who is short on greens.

I used to raid with unemblemed K and Lianna but these days use Lianna and Buddy

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