A+ junk award7

Just had A+ on an 8* titan on a roughly 25 person team. No, zero, zilch, nada nonfarmaable mats or anything else particularly good. Best item was a meteor shower which I can easily build for myself. Junk like this is why people quit caring about trying to play their best. (And I could choose much stronger language, just trying to be civil.) This is neither fair nor right. SO TIRED OF IT!!! NO INCENTIVE TO STAY MOTIVATED TO PLAY!! MUCH LESS MOTIVATION TO KEEP SPENDING MY MONEY!!

This might not be a “Bug”, but it is certainly an issue. I’m not the only person tired of these shenanigans.

No rank is guaranteed 3 or 4* mats. From my experience the higher you are the better chance. Obviously from the pic you can put in a ton of damage and get nothing. No titan should look like that fyi. Titan take downs are a team effort and should be fun. Yea the loot is unfair most of the time but no one is forced to use items to take them down. In my opinion they are still the best source besides rare quests to get the mats you’re waiting for. Like everything else in the game it just takes time.