A jolly old goodbye

hi! and bye. i uninstalled the game from my device, even though i’d already been playing less and less and posting here less and less.

i know, this isn’t an airport. i don’t need to announce my departure. but you know what? i’ve seen so many rage-quit posts, and yes, i admit that some level of frustration was involved in me deciding to stop playing, but i had a lot of fun the last four years, or else i wouldn’t have spent as much time as i did playing this game.

so allow me to reminisce on the good times. in no particular order:

  • i won a raid tournament! i did my last day of tournament hits right when the next battle day happened, so i was no. 1 when i finished Friday, and i thought, “oh, it’s early, i’ll be back down when everyone else does their hits.” i went to sleep and found myself still at no. 1 when i woke up. checked at lunch time. after dinner, i saw i still was no. 1, and i thought, wow, is this really going to happen? and it did!!

  • i won a challenge event! of course, just like my raid tournament win, it was a 3* affair, so i won Knights of Avalon rare in July 2021.

  • in the my last days playing the game, i started my own alliance as a solo alliance, and my first war, i scored a perfect 9000. sadly, i was never able to replicate it.

  • in the same vein, i also was able to open a war chest in the minimum five wars with five straight wins (and a sixth) to start off my solo alliance. i never won five in a row again after that, and i never was part of an alliance that won enough to fill a war chest from 0 to 25 in five wars. (i’ve been a part of alliances that won five in a row, but it was across a war chest, say, going from 17 to 17.)

  • about six months or so into my playing the game, i was made Leader of the alliance i was in at the time, and i’ve been alliance leader for maybe three of the four years i played the game. i know i was Leader for longer than i should have been, but i have many fond memories and inside jokes with all the people i played with for the longest. i have so many fond war memories, including some nailbiters and amazing comebacks.

to all of you here on the forum and in-game, i thank you for making my gaming experience as rich as it was. i wish all of you well who are still playing the game, and i hope all of you who have left are doing well too.

if i may, i would like to conclude with an encomium about my favorite heroes.

  • Franz. you were Very Slow but so very dependable. JekylandHyde called you a 5* hero in 4* clothing, and it was so apt, even through the addition of limit breaks and alpha aethers. you were useful in nearly every game mode, and your 50% damage boost made for some incredible raid and war flag comebacks.

  • Anastasia. i still miss the days when your passive lowered attack instead of slowed down mana generation. that didn’t stop me from using you all the time, especially in 4* bloody battle tournaments.

  • Mitsuko. the original blue reflect, whom i had so much fun with for that reason alone. i’ll never forget the war flag where you actually reflected a charge 1 Cobalt and made him off himself. :rofl:

  • C. Guardian Kong. one of my best Soul Exchange decisions. i missed Mitsuko, but not having her costume was really starting to make her stats show her age. Kong had the stats of a glass cannon, but the dispel was more than enough to warrant the risk. and i never got tired of seeing Adalinda and Celimene end themselves.

  • Fortuna, Kageburado, Ametrine, Hypnos. priority dispel. what more needs to be said?

  • Guardian Hippo. you were one of my last summons from the time when i was spending money on the game, and you actually made life difficult at time because you were so good, you worked in every team composition i could think of. my favorite though was the mono blue team when i revived my mono strategies that i used to use exclusively in the first 18 months or so i played.

  • Cupido. everyone else had the fun of Alfrike, but i had the fun of you. what’s more, you were Average speed Mindless, and you saved me so much during normal raids and wars AND Rush.

  • Gefjon. you were one of the last wing snipers i remember before the game started really pushing hit-all heroes in every position. but your damage and animation were so much fun to use for so long before not getting your costume made me strip emblems from you. :sob:

  • Myztero. in a time before the game became nothing but hit-all heroes that got stronger and stronger, you were one of the most fun utility heroes for anyone who could see the potential. you were best friends with Vanda because she could protect you from suffering the ailment while you still memorized it anyway. i still remember the time you singlehandedly won me a war flag because you inflicted burn, poison, and sand damage on the enemies. it was a cheap shot when they didn’t let you memorize ailments from fiends though.

  • Enigmo. i didn’t use you as much as i should have, but damn if you didn’t make me smile every time i looked at your card art. :heart_eyes:

  • Gullinbursti. i still remember the one time the devs broke you because firing your skill while you buff was active did damage to the opposition, which wasn’t how you worked originally. they broke you right in the middle of a 4* no dark tournament where Gulli usage was going to be high. it was a fun time, but i know you had to be “nerfed” back to your original and intended form. (let’s just ignore the nonsense that came after you—looking at you, Tremor.) you were my first and only overhealer for a while, and the fact you did damage too made you so much fun for Equalizer.

  • Treevil. it’s a damn shame what they did to you. i still remember your old form where you basically cut everyone’s stats in half. you were such a 3* menace that high level alliances had you as war tank in Rush. those were such good times.

  • Bauchan. i hated facing you, but boy did i enjoy having you on my team for 3* tourneys.

  • Melia. one of the few crit chance heroes in the game for a while. i still remember when you and Bertulf were responsible for me getting above 1 million damage in a single Mythic Titan flag.

  • Guardian Chameleon. one of the most fun heroes i’ve ever had. priority dispel on steroids. i still remember the first time i used you against Guardian Gazelle and discovered to my great pleasure that you also remove the dancing effect. you were such a fun titan hero too, even if it was a pain to bring you along and not press your skill so i wouldn’t accidentally switch the titan to the wrong element.

  • Agrafena. the number of times you managed to get a team to +145% attack, especially because of minions. goodness, what an absolute wrecking ball you could be.

  • Norns. on the same level of fun as Chameleon. it always amazed me how people could underestimate just how powerful your skill was on offense. you were the reason i won war flags because of the ability to make enemies weak to two different elements.

  • Ratatoskr. say it with me: NON-CLERIC HEALER!!! and one of the earlier ones in my time in the game. i still remember the feeling of confusion when i summoned you. “FIVE STAR! wait, who?!”

  • Sonya. you didn’t think an S1 hero would make this list, did you? my first 4* hero, and she stayed on my teams for a long time because of her durability and her dispel.

  • C. Magni. my first ever 5* hero, and i used him for a long time at 2.60, even longer than when he was at 3.70.

  • Milena. last, but most certainly not least. the first hero i limit broke. the first hero i used Alphas on with zero hesitation. i took her everywhere: war, raids, maps, events, titan flags (some, at least). the devs fiddled around with your healing percentage for a while, but i didn’t care. all i needed was that sweet cleanse. and if i happened to get you to Magic x2? game over.

one more thing: special shout out to Field Aid, my favorite war type before they came out with the current 5-war rotation. yes, Field Aid was fun!!


i next to never click these threads unless i have at least a passing familiarity with the person posting them, but i am glad i did and that was fun to read, best of luck and may all of us leave with positive vibes


Nice post.

Best of luck to you, enjoy.


Cool way to say goodbye, best of luck!


Now that’s a good goodbye post.

Sorry I never encountered you previously, but fare well in all your future endeavours.


A rare departure that is a wonderful read. Beats the hell out of a rage quit, like a failed marriage…people choose to forget there were very good times.

All the best!!


I’m glad you decided to post! Not only was your post refreshing to read, but it’s also a chance to say bye and best wishes, thanks for all your contributions over the years

You’ve definitely shared a lot of wisdom while you’ve been here



Dang, well written!
I learned a ton from you in the game, wish you all the best :blush:


Take care out there and enjoy life!

Live Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


Always refreshing to read a non-rant the-game-sucks farewell.

Fare thee well @dawnsempires and good luck going forward.


Wowzers @dawnsempires sorry to see you go. Sorry aswell first time seeing this topic aswell. :pensive:

Your great help on the discord group to folk there you be missed there alot.

Take care :green_heart: and thanks for all you done spread across different coummitys :+1:

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Wow :smiling_face_with_tear: — I just started playing and am so glad to have read your post. Thank you for sharing the love you had of the game in such a positively moving read. I’m truly sorry that it sounds like I’ve missed playing the game while it was in its best form as opposed to what it is now & I regret that I never had the pleasure of meeting you in any of the forums that I’m just starting to discover.

I wish you the very best in whatever goals you have and whatever new endeavors you will or already are undertaking!


@dawnsempires : That’s a detailed sharing which shows that you enjoyed the game & are not just ranting out
Leaving as you realised, it’s time up for this game for you, at this moment.

Cheers mate…. As I can relate to it, since I have slowed down too and am seeing that the reduction has helped me get more time for other ALTERNATE things for my spare time and attention.

Wish you well❗️