A huge milestone [for me], BUT

O game pessoa desculpa a todos não e isto …

E de seguida foi print …fotos …em line … Facebook … wastsap …a maior humilhação que todos os guerreiros símbiose e lusófonos …sofreram …e isto o game ??? …para mim não …fica o marco em 4 anos de game …

Start your run to the top outside the top100. As long as you do not log out of the game, you cannot get raided or revenged and can climb up to the top spot. Once you log out, you’re open game for folks to raid you regardless of online status if you are in the top100.

Be prepared to crater down the leaderboard within 15-30 minutes of logging out, though. I’ve gone from top100 to platinum in less than 20 minutes before without setting a cup dropping defense XD.

I was referring to the protective item in the store that’s supposed to keep others from attacking you — but it doesn’t work at a certain rank. It’s expensive but doesn’t work for the very purpose anyone would buy it for.

Yeah. I knew what was coming. I was just happy to make it there. It looks like I’m consistently working up to the 2750 range just using the regular 6 attacks for the Raid Chest.

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. In 1 and a half years of playing my highest trophies is 3120 and have only been in the #1 spot 4x so your score is impressive! After getting in the top 100 people can raid you while online, after 2600 trophies you can’t purchase a raid shield. It is mainly for bragging rights, filling raid chests, and proving to yourself that you can do it… But mostly bragging rights! :joy:


I love the name of your alliance…clever pun on '80’s pop group’s name. Made me laugh!

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You are being revenged… Anyone in the Top100 global can receive revenges while online. You can’t actually be attacked, but those you attacked can revenge on you (I think revenge should always be available regardless of being in the Top100 or not)

I agree Camões, it was they were pretty poor sport on that one…

Como nada foi feito pela SG moderadores etc etc …o meu momento no game chegou ao fim… obrigado a todos pelo bons momentos passados no game foram + 3 anos …mas não posso continuar num game onde somos mal tratados e nada fazem …um forte abraço Camões

Da minha parte Camões nível 117 um forte abraço a todos …de coração …e não se esqueçam muita muita diversão

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