A huge milestone [for me], BUT

I’ve been playing this game for more than one year but less than two. I consider myself a “mid-game” player. I recently put some money [read: too much] into the game and landed some formidable heroes. Heroes like Alfrike, Frigg, Odin, Garnet, Onyx, and Krampus among others.

I usually steer clear of the 4600+ lineups because I never saw myself competing with them. Tonight, I threw caution to the wind and somehow made it into the Top 10. Might not be a big deal in the long run but, hitting over 3,000 trophies is a big deal for me for now. Doing this with a 4312 power lineup against 4700+ was a LOT of fun for me.

There is one thing I don’t understand though. How is it that I’m being attacked while actively playing the game? When looking to avenge losses, I would be prohibited from attacking because that player was online. Am I missing something here?


Congrats on your new personal best @Dr_Evil_Genius!

Once you’re in the top 100(?) you can be attacked while online


So, I guess I made it obvious that I’m kinda sorta noobish? :sweat_smile:

Not at all, we all have room for growth! :slight_smile:
Personal example - I always forget Vivica cleanses when I’m using her


Nice run @Dr_Evil_Genius! As stated by @A_Donkey_And_Mouse, you can be attacked while online if you’re in the top #100 global players.

If you want to make a run for top spot, use flasks, probably quite a few…the win/loss cups becomes extremely biased against you the higher you get, but it’s certainly a thrill if you make it! Good luck in your future raids :slightly_smiling_face:


I think I was fooled because I was untouched for most of that run until I stopped and switched over to finishing off Province 30 in Season III.

I doubt I will go for 3,000 again any time soon — if ever again. Doesn’t seem like there’s a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.


Lol. No, there’s nothing other than the bragging rights. It doesn’t even get listed on your player card, which I think is a real shame. If/when you do get there, screen shot the standings, and be quick about it!

Good luck and happy gaming :slightly_smiling_face:


How can deadlift and recently m23 constantly be on top, its difficult as you say to maintain your rank for 10 minutes let alone hours on end every day. I don’t understand it!

Also congrats, nice feeling for the short time you’re there isn’t it!

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Your highest score does get listed in your player card as “Highest trophies” :slight_smile:


I think there are resources that can be purchased that insulates the user from attacks for a certain period of time IIRC.

@Dr_Evil_Genius If you’re talking about the Raid Shield that only works ‘till 2600 trophies. After that you can’t save yourself from being attacked except if you’re online and NOT in top100.

I don’t think you can be raided whilst online, BUT you can be revenged whilst online if you’re in the top100.

Also, the raid shield item in the shop doesn’t work in the top100.

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That’s INSANE! I’m learning a lot about the intricacies of this game. It would seem there’s too much useless bloat that has little to no value in his game.

It’s a game, it should normally have NO value, but it does have the value you give it! So it depends to each and everyone. Just don’t invest too much hoping for the best. Take it easy and enjoy the goodies that come along.
Also, congratz for top 10!


It’s for bragging rights only :joy: I’ve done it once just to see if I could. I burnt through 5 flasks and won 29 straight raids which was fun and did get me a pile of food and iron but beyond that??? Nothing.


Congrats! As others say, bragging rights, but also a personal sense of accomplishment, even if it’s “just a game.”


It does, but not what ranking that score got you. I think it would be nice to have that on your card too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Simple. Constantly be online and use all raid flags available and maybe a raid flask or two just to recover the top spot in case the revenge against you succeeded.

Yep. Based on the initial discussions, I thought something was changed in that online players on the top 100 can be attacked (not only revenged). But the truth is, online players in the top 100 can only be revenged, not attacked.


Getting to the top 10 may be purely bragging rights. For others, it’s a way to advertise himself and his alliance for other players to join. While others try to make it a record for themselves how far they can reach their highest trophy count or beating their previous record. I know there is a post here or a record somewhere compiling the highest trophy count some players have, with cup number amounting to 3,300 and above. I still plan to beat my previous trophy high of around 3,150.


O meu grande marco para mim pessoalmente …Sou Camões nível 113 …foi uma war contra aliança last regime … todos os guerreiros símbiose e lusófonos que nos acompanham …a minha maior tristeza do game …

Desculpem …mas ninguém merece ler isto …ou melhor ser assim tratado …num simples game

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