A house or a way to keep you from loosing recruits during Atlantis. Like a reserve backup

Like put a dragon on 2nd tower charge like 4.99 and have a recruit reserve for Atlantis.

Upgrading your houses, I can use 44 flags with loot Tickets on s2-15-9 without losing any recruits.

I’m sure someone has a link for instructions - but isn’t this what having a TC11 and TC20 running is for?

I have over 1000 day’s worth of training going in my TC11, and about 500 in my TC20. Food and recruits for years!


I think the OP want a paying feature.

Paying for something that is already available for free?

352 recruits in houses is enough for 11 times 2-15/9 loot ticketing while AR, then put them in TC11, repeat procedure
Endless recruits in TC11


Well that’s nice fir those people that have that option. Was thinking of a bank to put the overflow if you forget to train before doing another round of battles.

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