A Hero's 4*/5* Chest for players who pay gems and do not get good heroes

It is very frustrating to pay money for gems and when you try to summon a hero, you will receive several heroes 3*, sometimes 10x heroes 3* e nothing 4* or 5*.

The % of heroes 4 * and 5 * should be higher for those who buy gems. Or, as the player uses gems and receives 3 * heroes with them, he gains energy in a chest, and when the chest is full, he can open that chest and receive a guaranteed 4 * or 5 * hero.

That would reduce the frustration a bit. What happens is that many players get frustrated and stop paying. They end up using only level 20 training to get heroes. And for business it’s important to have players paying.

At present, the experience of investing money in the game is VERY frustrating. I and several people I’ve talked to relate the same situation: they start the game spending a lot of money, but soon give up buying gems because the experience of getting heroes 3 * (and nothing 4*/5*) at all times is very frustrating. So almost everyone gives up on continuing to invest money and they start using only TC20 to get 4 * and 5 * hero;

“but TC does not allow special heroes 5*.” Yes, but the point is not this. The point is the game maintain a mechanism that is bad for business since it discourages a player from continuing to invest money in the game. Something needs to be done so that it keeps the person interested in buying gems in the game.

It does not mean making the game very strong for the player who pays, but rather creating a way where the experience of investing money in the game is not so frustrating to the point that the player does not want to invest anything anymore.

Example: the player spend money buying several gems and summoning heroes 12x, and take 11x hero 3 * and 1x hero 4 *, as already happened. It’s so frustrating that this player gives up buying gems to get heroes again.

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