A hero marketplace

I know this will probably never happen, but can we please get a hero marketplace where we can trade for gems or exchange heroes. I have now gotten my fourth raniver, and feel guilty feeding two of them to other heroes when there are so many out there that want him. I know it’ll probably not happen but just a thought.

Look forward to the hero academy. No details yet.

I think this needs to happen. Would be great to have inter-alliance item sharing too. There are so many people who have loads of one ascension item that others need.

There will most probably be no trading of heroes between players. However, there will be a building that allows “converting” useless or duplicate heroes into other heroes. There is currently no information about what the mechanics will be, but it might be possible to get old HotM from it via trading in TC20 5* heroes (maybe even via 4* heroes). It is also said to be F2P friendly which is great news for all no or low budget players owning 8 Boldtusks, 7 Grimms, 4 Quintus etc but no Lianna, Magni or even Zeline

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