A Hero Exchange Shop idea

I think we need a shop or menu or something like that where we can exchange duplicate and triplicate or more heroes for ones we don’t have. I hate getting a 5* Hero that is a duplicate. It would be great to exchange them for a different hero we don’t have. Maybe a mechanic like exchange two 5* heroes for 1 you want or exchange three 4* heroes for 1 you want. Maybe a shop that updates weekly or bi-monthly with random 4* & 5* heroes we can choose from when exchanging. I don’t see myself leveling up a second 5* hero that’s a duplicate, rather do a different one for diversity and different team build options. What do you think?

Actually I think Hero Academy, if I got right what you proposed, will do this! We do not know many details yet but still (at least I don’t know…):sweat:
It is said that you will put some heroes plus some diamonds and it would give you another random hero of the same or better rarity… not a particular guaranteed hero…
here is one of many threads talking about it Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

Cause of this many players have already started to keep all the 4*-5* summoned heroes despite having them 4-5 times.

I think Alchemy Lab that is currently being tested in beta will do a similar action but with Ascension materials! So you can check about that too…


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