A hero (Colen) revived with a buff on

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this happened to me in a raid today - was fighting an enemy with Colen in the center and Boril on the side. Boril cast Riposte, Colen was near death since I was working on taking him out, so I used Caedmon to finish him off. Colen died, Boril’s Riposte was dispelled, but Colen was revived by his special and he still had Riposte.
Is this a bug? Or is fighter’s revive talent that good and resurrects you with all buffs on? Or just Riposte on?
Didnt occur to me to take a screen shot :frowning:

I think this is because Colen died before the Riposte could be dispelled — so he resurrected with it intact, since status effects survive Fighter Revive.

Whether that’s entirely intentional in the design is a good question, since it’s a bit odd that a buff would be protected from dispelling because of death.


It also revives with a DoT counter also. This is a perfect counter to the revive mechanic.

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the first part is true, since Caedmon died in that attack.
I was more curious about the second. I guess I will pay more attention and see if fighters are revived with buffs on.

Oh, didnt know that. I guess that answers the question :slight_smile:

Yes — it’s not so much the fact that status effects survive Revive that I find odd, it’s that the dispel would fail because the buff couldn’t be targeted due to Colen being in a pre-Revive state.

It make sense in the current system where pre-Revive heroes can be targeted but not affected, it’s just an interesting (and possibly unintended) side effect of that process.


They definitely are, as well as debuffs and other status effects. As @CrossXcalibur said, the perfect example of this is Fighters who revive with a DoT and then die immediately…which is like my favorite thing ever to watch. :laughing:


Well when waiting to revive they are in “ghost” form so i would assume they are immune to attacks while dead including dispels. He came back in the same state he died which makes perfect sense to me. If the x amount of turns of the riposte had already passed then i could see bug.

This seems to be working as intended in my opinion

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I suspect it is intended. Damage first then dispel for Caed. If it were Kage and it happened that would be a bug imo.

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It makes sense to me that it works that way based on special skills being applied in order, I just wonder if the edge case was considered during development.

Well, with talent grid expansion, few heroes like Colen and Boldtusk will revive at the end of the turn. I did encounter it before. In my case, was Boldtusk revived with Kiril’s buff attached and Colen with Wu’s. Killed with a single stack anyway.
*edit : Boldtusk’s die due to Gormek’s bleeding but I do activate Melendor’s special about the same time he die.

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