A guide to finding the place to farm for certain loot, mat or resources

I knew such an excel exists including both season 1 and 2. Anyone knew where to find them?


I found it’s changed. Backpacks used to be s1 8-7 but it’s like it’s nerfed. S1 5-8 gives tons now. Just my experience lately.

No, it looks like an excel stating the best place to farm certain stuff (eg. Hero, dragon bone) in s1, s2 and overall. I don’t think it is the link you shared

It’s been 5-8 for backpacks for ages. :wink:

I just put the master list I had bookmarked up but there is a google docs that may be what the op is looking for in the list.


That’s right! Thank you very much!

For future reference, that Google Doc is on the Master List of links too. :slight_smile:

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■■■■ the drop rates for midnight roots suck, no wonder I’m always short

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