A guaranteed response from staff?

So here’s the thought:

Create an ongoing topic where the mods choose the top 5 posts for the day.

Then they put them into the ongoing closed thread. So the public can read responses, but not participate.

The devs choose a new question or topic to address once a week from the 35 posts the mods selected.

They guarantee a full conversation concerning the selected topic throughout the whole next week.

This enables the community to see what issues the developers have with our ideas, and gives the developers a chance to voice their thought process about what’s going on.

The mods already read soo many posts, they really have a great beat on how the community feels, and they can then stand in for the community.

Perhaps something like this could lead to some real progress, without having every topic on a hot button issue turn into a 1,000 posts that the devs couldn’t possibly keep up with.

Maybe if we start having civil discussions with the devs consistently, we can begin to see real changes we actually appreciate.

Thoughts? And thanks for reading!

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I think that’s a very good idea.

But how does it make money again? Missed that bit


Happy customers are returning customers.


Yes, my second comment was tongue in cheek. This kind of interaction would be, I think, positive for how players perceive the dark tower that is SGG, and therefore the bottom line

The only issue is that we assume mods have unlimited time, and this would only add to their significant and unpaid role


Even keeping F2Pers happy can potentially boost revenue… the more people playing, the more ad revenue they get. The happier players are, the more likely they are to recommend it to a friend who might actually be willing to open their wallets if they like the game enough.


Exactly! Honestly, players wondering what SGG is doing has been one of the only universal themes on the forums. Would love to see something like this happen.


As would I… even though I know they’d never directly respond to me. :laughing:

That’s okay, I get it, the staff have probably muted me already. But would be cool if they responded to someone else who hasn’t already worn out their welcome. :grin:

Sorry Infinite, you’re right… I’ll scurry along now. :wink:

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Stop responding here @TGW otherwise they’ll just mute the thread! You’re diluting our credibility! :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting idea.

The forum staff has communicated to the forum moderators that they are trying to revamp communications with the players.

The first evidence of this is a rumored revamp of recent Beta feedback based on Beta feedback given for v1.9 ( Beta v1.9 was before Beta Beat - shout out to @zephyr1 - when they tested single target antidotes to make all ally Super antidotes more desirable).

Hopefully we will see more Devs feedback in the future. But due to “noise ratio” on the general forum, it will probably next expand to Active Player Lounge and select Ideas & Feature Requests topics. So if you have votes, use them in Ideas & Feature Requests.

Pro Tip: On your profile you can view you votes, and change them around

(Profile - Gryphonknight - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum)


So all I need are 35 posts about how my pay should be doubled :thinking:

On topic - we’re all on board for better communication and this is an interesting idea :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought you guys worked for free?

2 times zero is still zero, my friend. But sure, I’ll vote for that. :laughing:


Good idea. I think everyone would vote for better communications with SG.
That said, only a very small proportion of players actively participate in forum stuff. So SG needs to consider its communications strategy carefully to be able to reach out to the majority …
Perhaps targeted messages in the game that everyone receives

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I usually communicate important forum information to the rest of my alliance who don’t read the forums, but yeah, stuff like more in-game mails from staff would be appreciated… as long as it wasn’t like… 10+ messages a day, I think some people might get irritated by that.





Not just this, but if the F2P playerbase diminishes, whales lose their overall competitive edge and may start quitting too.

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Really?? Ah shoot.

That’s why I leave the number stuff to Zelda and baby Groot-Venom.


Maybe send a hyper link through an in game message to the forum thread containing their discussing with moderators so we can all read?

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But look at the equivalent player base they (forum members) represent? From multiple top 100’s who tirelessly support the mob (people like me) to people just like me. I’m not sure if you could apply any metric, but without the forum (and it’s tireless mod’s), I would have given up. I suspect we are a slightly skewed example of the overall player base, but not to an extreme degree.

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Please, please tell me that is not your wife and one of your children…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

PS. Sorry, but no offense intended I swear (it’s the sort of thing I’d say…).

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Well he is a bard, so maybe he names his kids like a rock star would… you know, Dweezil, Peaches, Moonunit, Apple etc

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Buckethead Stardust

On topic, I’ll believe it when I see it in Active Player Lounge . It’ll be like a glimmer in a vast expanse of KFC.