A great friend is MISSING!

I’ve been on a hiatus for months, maybe almost a year and I lost you! I lost your contact.

Some people said you’ve been quit the game and disappeared.

@Calibred Our friendship makes my life so much brighter. Our friendship was short, but never brief. You were the spark in my otherwise dim year, and even though you were loud and never had a filter for the words you said – you were an amusing friend to have. You were the brother that scolded the bullies and kept the drama way.

I can’t believe you’re gone, but the hardest part of this all is not knowing why and regretted I couldn’t help you.

I barely online in LINE or in the game, If you come across to read this post, please [tag me here and comment] or leave a message with Tay_stone in LINE. He is my very trusted friend and know how to contact me.

I have a faith and I’ll wait you @Calibred. I really wish we can reconnect. I miss our conversations and friendship.


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