A good use for Thorne?

So far this game has seen fit to supply me with exactly one 5* Blue hero. Thorne. Three times.

Yes, 3 Thorne and 0 other 5* Blues. Its starting to seem as if E&P either wants or is daring me to find a use for him. This is what I have come up with.

With the right supporting cast, I think he might do well in challenge events. Let’s look at the final stage of an event. You’ll be facing 3 Bosses. Have Boldtusk first, he will buff your attack. Grimm second, he will hit all three hard with the attack boost and will also lower their defense. Then comes Thorne; he hits all three with an attack of 460% + 48% and their reduced defense will make it even more effective. Of course the two side bosses get “moderate” damage, which I understand to be about 50% of the main target. Still a pretty hard hit, all things considered.

It seems like this combo might do well in Raids and AW, though you don’t have the ability to use mana pots to make sure everyone is ready at the same time. Grimm and Thorne are both average mana and would always be ready together, assuming both get triggered at the same time.

Does this sound reasonable? Anything I’ve over looked?

Also, can some explain how Boldtusk’s attack boost works. Would it be Thornes 460%+48% for a total of 508%, or 460 increased by 48%, which would be about 681%? I think it’s the latter, but not certain.

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Boldtusk’s attack applies to Thorne’s 605 attack (actually to Thorne’s 605 + troop’s attack bonus). Tap and hold on heroes during battle to see the modified stats.

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You can verify this by triggering boldtusks special, then tap and hold on Thorne to see his base attack has a green number above it which represents 48% of 605.

His special would be based off the attack value of 605+(605 x .48)+troop attack bonus.

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If Thorne does let’s say 500 damage with his special without Boldtusks attack buff, he will not do 750 with Boldtusks buff. I don’t know why. Wrote to SG about this. They said there is nothing wrong. It just how it works i guess.

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I find Thorne in combination with Grimm and Kiril a really good team for raiding against any red tank. Of course the board must be a bit in favor of you. Im using them for quite some time. There team work is awesome.

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Ok, I haven’t leveled Thorne at all, but I did check it as suggested above. His base attack stat is 332, and the Boldtusk buff adds 152. Not quite 48%, but pretty close. So it’s basically the 460% x 1.48 to approximate the attack damage, or about 680% to the target and 340% to nearby enemies. A pretty solid figure.

Next question is, does this make Thorne worth the ascension mats?

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i wasn’t a fan of Thorne, but had no choice to ascend him (no other 5* blue, should have waited a bit longer. Got Magni two weeks later) Now, i Like him a lot with a attack buff and defence debuff on opponent. Also Kiril, Grimm and Thorne are average, so they fill there mana simultaneous and a triple Blue does some serious tile damage.

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It doesn’t translate into real damage unfortunately. One pic magni with attack buff, the other one without :slight_smile:

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20 characters.

Don’t forget the damage calculation includes a multiplier random value that is theoretically between .6 and 1.649.

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I found that the number 2.60 suits Thorne pretty well~

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I thought 1.1 was better for him. :joy:

But I’m cruel: I had let him taste a tiny bit of power to then negate further ascensions, letting him wondering why he were ever developed :woozy_face:

I don’t know if you know Venusaur’s meme (what is Venusaur doing?) but it is what I think Thorne is good for :slight_smile:

Had to google that. Lol

I guess I did that to Quintus and Khagan. :sweat_smile:

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Take thorne, put him on defense, equip him with 4* crit troops, put GM and Zeline next to him both equipped with 4* mana troops and voila:-)

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So to make him “work” you only need the two best flankers of the game?


20 characters

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This speak volumes on Thorne’s viability :man_shrugging:

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Now on more serious note, Thorne has high survivability and when one searches for a tank, he looks for high survivability. So if one has awesome flanking heroes, why not to use Thorne as a tank, I wonder? I wouldn’t use him on offense, but he isn’t so bad on defense anymore imho.

obecause he does almost nothing to affect the board board position. at least richard nerfs 3 heroes attack pretty badly.