A good 3^70 hero from your experience

I had been wondering about this a long time. Everybody pops up with what is now a cliche about 4* heroes at 4^70 almost always being better than 5*s at 3^70. Recently, though, Paulon mentioned how good his 3^70 Joon was.

Does anyone want to share FROM EXPERIENCE how good a 5* was at 3^70.


I have Domitia at 3/70 waiting for one more tabard, and I use her as my second purple for raids and yellow titans, over Rigard or Cyprian at 4/70

For the most part when you compare the stats between 4* 4/70 and a 5* 3/70, the 4* would typically have better stats. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the 5* isn’t viable, there may be cases where you may have to consider their special since they may still out perform the 4* hero. It’s depends on what you have, compare their stats and plan out accordingly.

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I partnered my 3/70 Joon with a fully ascended Jackal for a good one-two punch. I never really played with him solo, so YMMV if you do.
By contrast, I found Lianna at 3/70 to be significantly less effective than Caedmon at 4/70, but I also never really had an optimal partner for her, and just used her solo.

Did you read the thread topic

Do you think it is like that in general, then?

I started this having five 5* at 2^60 and not being impressed with them.

I have panther at 3.56 and Richard at 3.60 (not quite 3.70 but I feel close enough to be relevant in this thread)

I really rate both. Panther makes tibs lethal and Richard special hits pretty decent and the attack debuff is not the best effect but still lethal.

I run these two most of the time over maxed fours I have (melendor, wu, colen) partly because their specials do different things and then also because neither seem overly fragile even though they aren’t on max tier. Most of the time when people are saying 3.70 isnt very good, the biggest grievance is generally that they’re squishy, but I’m not finding it with these two heroes.

I raid around 2100 -2300 cups with team power 3430 (not that that matters at all - just explaining my situation and where I’m coming from). I feel like to get up to diamond, a little more firepower and durability would be useful, but for my roster, they’re the better offensive options for me :slight_smile:

I did, and I gave a general response between the two. If you really need a story to explain what I responded with then here you go… I’ve used Ares at 3/70 as tank even though I had a Rigard at 4/70. Rigard overall had better defense and health, and normally people would advice placing the higher defense hero as tank, but Ares’ supporting capability was still vastly superior towards the heroes on his left and right. Ares managed not only to heal them, but gave my Musashi the extra power and stamina which made him viable in my team. Ares served his role better than what Rigard would have done even at 3/70.

Specific. Thank you.

It will be interesting to hear whether Panther outgrows Tibs as you progress.

I haven’t had so many 5* heroes at 3/70 for long that I’d speak from general experience rather than just experience with specific heroes, but a rule of thumb I picked up reading the forums is that a 5* at 3/70 is usually less effective than a 4* at 4/70.
My limited observation is that the exceptions I’ve seen tend to have an effect in their special which isn’t dependant on their character level. Alberich’s res power, and Zeline’s dispel are examples.
By that reasoning, I’d not be surprised to find Magni, Vivica, and Gregorion of the heroes I have to also fall into that category, but I haven’t leveled any of those enough to find out for sure.
My experience with Gravemaker is that despite not falling into the above logic progression, he’s a lean mean burning machine and scary good even at 3/70. He’s just even scarier and meaner at 4/80 when I face him in raids. :wink:
The other two heroes I have leveled that far which I find not all that useful at 3/70 are Obakun and Perseus, but then again they don’t exactly overwhelm me when raiding against them at 4/80 either.

I found Gravemaker quite good at 3^70, but like your yellow pair it was best in tandem with G Falcon.

Which lead me to my current practice of leveling pairs. Event 4s are my focus with an eye toward a 5 that will make to team.

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I’m sure she will, but they complement really well and great at blowing tanks open.

I managed to pull sartana and quintus yesterday trying for a gregorian before the month runs out so sartana will likely shelve tibs for raids at least. Triple stack purple gonna be lethal though :smiling_imp:

My Vivica is still at 3.70 and she is doing pretty good… +% healer’s will berform good even at lower levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Even my Joon were good at 3.70, like also Lianna, but when reaching level 4.80 with one sniper you’ll not be truly satisfied anymore with unveleled damaging heroes… even if in the case I’d find another sniper I’ll surely bring him to 3.70 for alliance wars.

Utility heroes will be better than snipers at low level as their strong part is the effect and not the damage.

Albi hel ares Athena are both all amazing at 3-70

So, what you are telling us is hope season 2 starts soon lol

I really like my Alasie at 3/70. She still hits hard and can take a few hits!

My first yellow beyond 3* was Delilah.

She rocked my world at 3/70, and even before that, but I was just starting out. When I didn’t have the team power to easily complete rare quests/events, doing the mob levels slowly and ghosting yellows to preload three minions (~450hp of meat shields) in front of each hero before I hit the boss level was a huge boost!

Delilah’s also had some glorious moments in a raid when she was my last hero standing, the opponent only had one or two still standing, and I was able to ghost tiles, heal, and build up minions to pinprick the last hero to death!

I’ve got Alasie at 3/63, and she hits hard. The -mana gen is a nice touch, but not big enough to be a game changer. (With three telescopes, I hope so, she’s gonna be 3/70 for a while!) I’ve got her on my defense team over 4* heroes.

Gravemaker is only 3/35, and he’s useful, 'tho I’m not sure he’s a top 3/70 5*

Gregorion is way to young for me to speak to, but at 2/53, he doesn’t give off the kinda lame/useless feel that most 2/60’s do.

NOT so impressive at 3/70: Obakan. I only gave him gloves because I really needed a second purple hitter, any hitter. I probably would have ascended Tiburtus-2 before him if I had pulled a second Tiburtus…

From My Roster (my cups tend to be 2500-2600)

I prefer Aeron @ 3/70 to Rigard at 3/70… his clense of 3 and prevent new status effects makes up for not clensing all, his heal is same for heroes ~1100 hp.

I take Gravemaker at 3/70 and not Gormek at 3/70… Lance/Gormek frustrate me.

I like Morgon @ 70… but tend to go with Caedmon more often. I never really used Greg @ 70.

Alasie/Sartana/Marjana at 70 are brutal… (I was at a lower up range when I had these ladies at 70)

I use Grimm generally not Isarnia @70… in fact isarnia doesn’t even make it to my war teams at 70 (too squishy).

Del and Vivica are nice at 70 (no 4* yellow healer option)

Thanks for the tip on aeron. Never felt like he would pull his weight. I’ll move him up if nothing comes out of avalon nect month.