A Gift system!

I was wondring if SG can consider thinking in making inside game gift system,
WIth fund of gems taken from sender and receiver to be collected from both of them.
To gift heros/ascending items, depends on the values of each hero/ingredient .
for exp.
4* hero (not event)
For sender 50 gems
For receiver 150 gems
5* hero (not event)
Sender 150 gems
Receiver 300 gems
Sender 400 gems
Receiver 500 gems.

This may not looking important for guys who can spend but It may help F2P very well.

Also If there are a game store gift section to allow people to charge packs for their friends who can not offer buying for personal/life or w.e reasons. This may also work for Alliance leaders to reward their active members.

Like if you like the idea guys.

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