A giant, gaping hole in the Alliance Wars statistics

So in general, I think the wars are fun. The loot has sucked badly for me so far (10 wins with 2 accounts and no rare items), but people in my Alliance have received rare items, so I believe they actually exist.

The one hugely frustrating thing on the scoreboard is having to continually go to the attack history and count all the hits. My alliance is pretty actively chatting the whole time, and we like to have a good handle on how we stand in relation to total attacks. How hard would it be to display a running total somewhere on the battlefield? Also, a small icon above each defense team with their remaining flags would be really convenient. This information is available, it’s just a giant pain in the a$$ to figure out, and keep having to figure out.

Also - make that skull icon not cover up the ascension chevrons.


So its no so much a problem with the scoring system as it is a problem with usefull information being a hassle to obtain.

You want these changes:

  • Total number of hits made by both alliances visible

  • Total number of hits remaining for each insividual member visible

  • Changes to how the “Dead” hero graphic looks to not cover up dead hero ascension level

  • And maybe removal of the “Alliance War” icon covering up alliance chat message numbers? (Threw this in here as well)

I agree and support all suggestions! :+1:

Also while we’re at it:

  • Expand the titan hit log to all 22h
  • Make the titan hit log exportable
  • Mark people who havent hit the titan with “0” points like in the AW scoring

Sorry-not sorry-for the semi-hijack! :slight_smile:


Agreed with 20 characters!

Agree with OP and appreciate the hijack. All points good, and really can’t be that hard to implement, surely?

@Rook worth moving to suggestions thread so it can attract votes?


absolutely great ideas!

Or at the very least let us download a text version of the logs for both AW and titans. If those existed thw community would quickly develop tools to parse the data out.


These are all great feature requests! I’m always in favor of quality of life enhancements, and I imagine these would be hugely popular.

The ideas here will get my vote. :+1:

your wish is my command! :wink:


Many thanks. (Makes mental note to also bug @Coppersky for stuff in the future).


All great ideas here, I hope SG will make these changes in the next update, because right now it takes forever to check the hits in AW

Awesome ideas that I hope get consideration.

One more very small thing. Everyone on the winning team in each war should really get an Alliance flask guaranteed in addition to the regular loot. It’s only fitting and can only help the alliance and comradery and stuff.

I think if you flip the board, the team should get an additional 3 flags like when you level up in the game and there should be guaranteed ascention items for both Titan kills and winning the Wars

I wonder, would it make sense to move trophy score sum out of alliance rating and put wars score there instead?
Wars score would work the same way as trophy score, your clan wins war against higher score clan, it gets more war points and etc.

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Like the idea of war score being part of an alliance’s rating, but why couldn’t it just be added using all 3 categories (trophies, titan and war) to get rating?

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This definitely sounds like good addition - digging through the log isn’t fun, and it easy to loose count :smiley:

Just bringing this back to everyone’s attention. Please, please, please, implement a hit counter for both sides.

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Even if this is done as a downloadable text format attached to a tab in the alliance available to all members. Each new war would replace the last copy.

All I really want is to be able to look at the score and see that the hits are 25-30 or whatever. Counting that list every time is just stupid at this point. Come on SG!

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