A funny thing happened when i logged out


For some reason, I found this hysterical.


That is hysterical. +stupid post min


Well, this guy is obviously super mad, which is indeed hysterical. But, in all honesty, this is sound strategy if done pragmatically against an opponent that much stronger. It takes 5 or so losses to equal the cup count of just 1 win. If the matches are semi-close, it definitely makes sense to continue hitting. The odds are pretty good you’ll get a good board 1/5 times and overpower them on pure luck. Just try not to frustrate yourself to the point of naming yourself " F you".


My record is someone attacked me 12 times in a row and won the last one.

I can imagine their pain. Spending all 6 energy and lose all, then use a refill and still keep losing. Well I hope they felt some relief in the end :slight_smile:


Never surrender.
That’s the only true way.
Energy comes and goes, victory stays with you forever.


Honstly, it’s the name that makes it funny for me. :smile:


I agree the name is hillarious. And on top of that he kept going…lmao


This isn’t possible now, seems to be a 3 attack limit. Something they didn’t mention in release notes.


I was attacked by a real Menace! Lololololol!


I think the same way like Arien, I can attack the same guy only 3 times in a row.
How is it possible the “Fyou”-Guy could do this 6 or more times?


Pyper’s screenshot was before the change that limited ppl to 3 attacks.


Ah, okay. That change was before I started with E & P :wink:


That change happened just recently, after this thread started


Oh…okay. Then it seems it never happened to me. Or I didn’t notice.


If only cups actually mattered.

I find myself hoping to lose while I’m gone. Anyone who raids consistently knows why.


I was dropped -205 cups this morning.

The cup fairy giveth…the cup fairy takers away! :grin:


Yeah, I came back to over 150 new trophies.


my worst was the first time I poked above 2600 cups with only a team of 70s. Went to lunch meeting, came back ~an hour later to -406 cups.


Lol, i get in the top 100 with a team of 4*, two of them only on 3rd tier.

No need to say that the tower can’t even contain all the revenges.


I was too weak before that change was made for anyone to care about my meager number of trophies.

Much later, though, I have had two losses against people I have raided, but I rarely attack a third time. After the second time, I either know that the other team is just too strong or luck is not on my side for that one.

The best/most interesting that I have had was when my team was only about 2000–give or take 50 points. During my away time, I had won a few below 200 trophies. Among the wins and losses was a guy who first lost 48, then 40-something, and then 30-something. While it may not have been the team that he used against me, his visible defense team was a rainbow 2300 and even after dealing with me, he had 1700-1800 trophies left. I can only imagine how miffed he was, losing to someone so weak with Belith as the only healer.

I wish that we could watch replays of our offline battles.