A funny realization

I only really want gazelle and panther…but I’d never give panther the tabards, the chances at gazelle are crazy low. Falcon and jackal are great, but I’m not trying to build a mono stack.

The above situation hit me hard while trying to
Decide to Summon or not.

This game has power creep, which means whoever you’re summoning for, you should only push for them if you intend to Max them immediately once getting them.

If it’s going to take you 3-6 months to max someone you’re trying to summon for, you’re probably better off not summoning at all. Save your resources.

Thinking about this hit me in a funny Way today. The model of the game actually encourages you not to spend😂

You will know this especially well if you spent on summons, but have no 4* ascension mats. yay 5s…ohwait they’re worse than maxed 4s with emblems haha.

With this kind of game model there is very little incentive to spend, unless you just want to hoard resources for when that one hero you can immediately max finally does drop. Lol. Just an observation.


True that. If you actually associate the fives with the likelihood of having ascension materials for them, it makes it easier to skip a portal

I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t max Panther though, you must have some quality in the purple bench if she can’t get tabards

Disagree on Jackal and Falcon. They aren’t just for mono, but also for Titans and raiding, some nice combos involve those two

But to your main point, just chasing heroes that you have no intention to ascend isn’t a good idea, definitely agree with that


Also see your point but agree with Infinite.

Jackal and Falcon are very useful to have and the elemental defense down will serve you well. Even if power creep comes out with a better 5* with same defense down the chance of getting them will be low compared to these two.

Even without 4* mats I would still be happy to get Panther for her defense down at 3.70

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Ive always found the summon odds a great incentive not to spend lol

I pull when there are 4* I would be really happy to get, and work with whatever 5* happen to show up.

My only 5* event hero is Panther. It took me 2 years to get falcon :confounded: It took me a sec to see past “no falcon again!” to “oh wow PANTHER!” :rofl:


with Challenge and Seasonal Events, I definitely give much more weight to the 4s, as I’m more likely to get them. If I need to break a tie, I consider the 5s.

I got 2x Hansel and 2x Pixie from a 10-pull in Grim Forest, so my next target is Teltoc for Falcon and/or Jackal. (will wait for next cycle, saving up gems…) I would still like Gretel, but I already got Hansel and Pixie, so Teltoc gives me a shot at 2 great heroes I don’t have vs. Grim Forest with only one.

The sweet thing is that I still remember the moment I summoned every 5* I currently have, because 5*s are so rare for me :slight_smile:


Jackal was the only hero i summoned for. And what did i get? Second panther and kong. Jackal seems to just not like me.

Totally agree though. Unless you have huge wallet, it’s better to choose what portal ro summon on based on the 4 stars.


RNG gonna RNG :slight_smile: hope you get Jackal sooner rather than later :slight_smile:


Bet i have to wait another 5 months for my next chance… unless i decide to buy todays offer or grind another 9 coins

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You can go ahead and add me to the list of #stillchasing4starheroes

All I’ve gotten from Teltoc were S1 heroes. :man_facepalming:

At this point, I’d even get a little bit excited by pulling a bat.

Oh well, there’s always Sand Empire. :man_shrugging:


I was hoping to get one of the elemental down Guardians and ended up with Chameleon. :laughing:
I’ll take those special characters where I can being the cheapskate I am. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is true that one of the bottlenecks is 4* ascension materials. There’s little point in chasing all these 5*s without the ascension materials to ascend them. Takes the shine off them a bit…

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Thanks for the responses everyone. Hopefully tha day comes when the improve 4* ascension mat odds. What if they added a guaranteed 4* ascension mat of your choosing every 20 summons? Thoughts?

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Well… all this time and I can’t get one measly Falcon from Teltoc. Bunch of Jackals, I get them almost every event but Falcon seems to hate my guts. So you’re pretty lucky.

I am in the same boat. I already have gazelle and falcon/jackal. No incentive for the rest except Panther who I would both love and now hate to get.

I have Kage, Clarissa, Alfrike at 3/70 and 5 tabards in stock (+sartana, costume quintus, grimble on bench 1/1). I do not need a harder dilemma than I already have.

So I have bought exactly 0 packages this weekend and my visa card is very happy :slight_smile:

PS: I have pulled 3 with free earned coins and got a double jackal which is nice and made me happy. Don’t need more now.

You are so right…'til I realised that I have no chance to max all those 5 stars it was too late =D so since then I’ve saved ressources and gems for events to then power level a specific hero (if I get the preferred hero). This event I went for Jackal and got him + Gazelle…Jackal at +9 now and Gazelle at 4/1 going…way better for my health and money :rofl:

Wait. What?! Why not?

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Absolutely love Panther! I used the coins only this time and got Jackal#3. Other two are maxed… not sure I need a third… But a second Panther would have been nice…

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Because you can likely get his special to 8 and get the full benefit, but unless you build a mono purple team for defense might as well save Tabatha for someone else.

TLDR; It depends on the level of opposition and titans you are fighting on whether it is worth maxing Panther immediately, later, or never.

If you’re hitting larger than 11* titans, a 3.70 Panther wouldn’t gain the full benefit, since she’d be likely to get 1-shot on a titan strike. Also, by leaving her at 3.70, you are leaving some tile damage on the table.

Mono isn’t the only way to use Panther in PvP. You can use her effectively in the strong stack of 4-1 or 3-2 (I’d argue she is better utilized there). I don’t typically use her in the small stack since I like the small stack to heal, cleanse, dispel, or counter, but I could use her on a 2-stack if I was looking to go all offense (like Bloody Battle tournaments). Her survivability is an issue if you are in higher raid tiers or 4k+ def wars. A 3.70 hero is typically toast quickly in mid-to-high diamond, but may be sturdy enough for high platinum.

That’s just my opinion, though. I :purple_heart: Panther and miss fighting Guin :smiling_imp:.