A fully leveled 2* or a brand new 3*

What to do?
I’ve spent so much resources leveling up Needler, he’s strong and fierce. I just pulled Belith, a 3* healer. Should I use Needler to feed her and start upgrading my 3* or is it worth it? I love Needler but soon he’ll be too weak to progress. Any advice is appreciated.

Don’t waste heroes you’ve levelled, it’s incredibly inefficient.

Needler might help you on province 8 still.

But Belith is a really strong 3* with healing and Debuff and can serve in your war and event teams for months to come.

Just keep feeding unleveled heroes.

If you are in an alliance, fighting wars, keep Needler until you have 30 better heroes!

If you’re not in an alliance yet @Pswett, they are the best place for regular advice.


Keep using needler until Belith is leveled up some. Can switch them out depending on need. When she is strong enough keep needler for another team.

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Thanks so much, Lesley-annia. Will keep Needler. He’s pretty cool anyways. I’ll just start giving my new green heroes to Beilith and keep Needler at the level he is right now. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

I AM in an alliance. From 30 people, only 15 fight titans. The chat is dead. I tried but hardly ever anyone pops up to say anything. Should I switch alliances?

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If you fancy finding a good teaching alliance, try here


Our teaching alliance, Guardians Ascending should have space on Sunday, if you haven’t picked somewhere by then.


Very good advices have already been given. Belith is a special one when it comes to healers because of the secondary ability on her healing to remove buffs. Needler is good if you wanted a strong punch with his 1 target special, but I’d probably focus the your natural resources you acquire from now on to bring up Belith because she makes Sharan obsolete as the healer role.

From the silhouette, it looks like you also have Jenneh, unless your goal was for collection, consider using her as feeder for Belith, same with Needler. As once you acquire stronger heroes, it makes him obsolete.

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100%, definitely switch…that is close to being a zombie alliance. A good alliance has readily available advice, bubbly chat and an expectation for everyone to join in often.


Sorry to keep on, but new players in Zombie alliances are a big bugbear of mine!

If you want an example of the level of communication and co-ordination in a busy alliance, look here (apologies for the plug)



When I started I was in a dead alliance too. Every other Titan escaped because no one hit. I finally left and joined a great alliance. Went from fighting 2-3 star titans to 4-5 star titans. Now we are at 7-8 stars. The leader left and gave me the alliance. We have a core of 20 that was there in the beginning. It’s a lot of fun now. Switch, and never look back. Don’t ever feel bad about leaving an alliance you don’t want to be in. If your next alliance is active you will have so much more fun and will learn tons


My alliance is quite young with members at a similar stage to you, feel free to join us for a bit, we hit titans and wars etc but there is no need to commit if you want to stop as a stepping stone etc. I’m happy to help you on your journey.

If youre interested it’s UK Warlords MKII

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this is a cute post, i like it

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I’d keep Needler till you have a 3* (or 4-5*) that fills his niche better, say berden or Isshtak. You get very little of the xp you have invested in a hero back when you feed them to someone else, so you shouldn’t be in a hurry to feed him to Belith just to level her a bit faster.

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Like the other folks said, yes you definitely want to switch alliances. Having a supportive alliance can really help with basic advice but also with starting to get the unfarmable items you’ll need later from Titan loot. Most people on the forums are happy to recommend good alliances, so don’t feel like you have to settle. Find one that matches you.

I noticed you have Sharan in your lineup… I bet you’d find that replacing her with Belith for awhile (meaning you run with Graymane, Prisca, Bane, Needler, Belith) could be effective. It can take some practice to get used to running with a voided color, but a new Belith is a more effective healer than a maxed Sharan.

Or at least, that’s why I would do if I were in your shoes.

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I am here to address the alliane issue.

Joining an alliance is like dating, you will know when you have found the one for you.

Popping in on an alliance to see their chat history and how well they did in AW as well as how many are hitting titans is acceptable. You owe them nothing. Find the one.

Many will tell you how great their ally is, and ask you home. You can leave anytime.

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Thanks. I think I’ll give it a whirl.

Thanks so much for the invitation to join. At the moment the group seems full so I can’t even request to join but I’ll keep checking. :star_struck:

No. You’re cute! :nail_care:

There is two alliances with similar names, one is just UK Warlords and the leader is moon Knight I believe, been inactive for over 100 days. The other is UK Warlords MkII where I’m the leader. We currently have 2 spaces.

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Thanks Enigma. I joined a pretty active alliance just now. I think I’ll check it out. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely will be looking at joining yours. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Hey Pswett,

Did you end up trying the double green? How did it go for you?

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