A fourth drink - time in a bottle


I would like to suggest a fourth drink, to go with world energy refill, alliance energy refill, and raid energy refill.

Time in a bottle: used to remove 12 hours from upgrade times.

(Obviously, I’m not, shall we say, enthusiastic, about my rough estimate of 60 days for stronghold 20/training camp 20.)


Various forms of this have been suggested before and small giant said a long time ago that they would look at time reducing options. That saod, nothing has ever come of this so I jave liked tbus idea and would encourage more to do so.


Hey…that bottle allready exist. It calls “Gems” and you can remove not only 12 hours, you can remove the whole upgrade time :slight_smile:


The problem with gems is it’s all or nothing; if they let you do like 50 gems per hour, I think people would be more amenable to that.

The other problem with this idea is it’s kind of unfair to long time players who have sat through or spent gems on the long build times as they exist now.


You can wait a certain amount of time, a couple hours maybe, till you get to the point, you would use gems…


As far as I go in this game the more I disagree with any building speed up, the other people should grind like I did :smiley:


I’m fine with a time shortening device/item. waits :smile: