A fix for war matching

I apologize in advance if you have to move this post, Rook. But it seems to me that the other posts about this are more about complaining with some people posting solutions/ideas as comments instead of that being the stated topic. Anyways… My idea is this:

The last used war defense team strength should carry some weight when comparing team depth because of how difficult it can be in the second half. The titan score should also be used but weighted lightly as a comparison of offensive prowess. I think it would make things more fair (knowing that each alliance is so different that this can’t be done perfectly). Regardless, the matching is already much better in my opinion.
Oh, and keep the alliance member number as a factor. Thoughts?

Don’t you see the way how this will be gamed?

I have taken some time to think after my first outrage that is not going to work.
I think the thought on how to go further maybe good but the counting of hero’s needs adjusting.
Not all hero’s are usefull in war because they are super slow tanks but they carry a lot of teamstrenght.
For instance horghall, justice, owl and many more i would take Caedmon, grimm, tiburtus any time before them.
Off course not all players have that choice but i think many of the high level player do.
my thought for adjusting is bring down the weight of all pure defence hero’s by say a third and see what happens.