A Few Thoughts on the Game...(minor)

I’m fairly new to the game and would like to share some thoughts:

  1. Allow trading between alliance members (this has been mentioned before) for items and heroes.

  2. Other unique ways to match tiles. For example; what would happen if you matched 2 of the same color crystals or 3? The whole board goes?

  3. Why do enemies gain mana when you hit them with colored tiles that you don’t have a hero in? Seems like the mana gained should be less or not at all.

Thanks for reading!

For the First proposition, there is already a big topic about it.

Proposition 2 and 3 are interesting but i doubt SG will add them

  1. Probably never

  2. This is bery good idea, I want this in game

  3. Definetly NO. This gonna make mono raid innormous easy


As @Jgmc2 mentioned point 1 has been discussed in length. Let me refer you to the location for this: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

For point 2 this is something easy that could be looked into I guess.

Point 3 is a balancing thing if you would stack a one-coloured team you would never be able to loose if they did not gain mana from other tiles so that suggestion won’t work.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and remember to have fun in the game.

I think trophies should give you perks in the game like higher stats cause I’m tired of people attacking me with less attacking power than my defending cards and getting the better of me

And alot if the new players said that this game is too difficult to get good cards one player said he had spent money on the game on numerous occasions and still got crappy cards not 1 5 star or 4 star card

you are seeing opponent defense power, not opponent team attack power, some people droping torphie, so then can easly filling raid chest.

Point 2 is a very good idea :+1:

I would also be asking why heros gain mana when sending tiles in holes/gaps.

Everyone says make holes to build your specials and yet even when you don’t hit a single hero their mana still builds up and they still get to fire every shot every turn.

I like idea 2 but if that was to happen they only reduce something somewhere in that sequence/game to counteract the good it would do in your favour.

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