A few suggestions

First Suggestion:
For global group choices, it would be nice if there was a group called “Advanced (LvL40+)” that’s for the more advanced players to hang in if they so desired to do so.

Second Suggestion:
It would mean a great deal to many alliances, if each alliance had it’s own battle arena (preferably one that doesn’t require energy to play). So that the members can test new changes to their def lineup with a fellow alliance member. Or simply to enjoy battling the def lineups of their fellow teammates while waiting for their energies to replenish within one of the three energy banks.

Third Suggestion:
For defence lineups, when the system plays for you in your absence. A hero that hits three targets, whether it be of equal strength or of minor damage to nearby, the system should only choose one of the middle three heroes within the opponents lineup. Especially when dealing with heroes like Gravemaker and whatnot. Otherwise, if the system that’s playing for a person in their absence, takes a hero such as Gravemaker and targets a wing hero, only two of the three possible hits, are being utilized. The remaining it is wasted because of the obvious, the fact that there’s no hero on both sides of either wing…

Fourth Suggestion:
Some of us players are hardcore spenders within this game. We’re a large percentage of the income that you guys make throughout each month. I honestly feel that after a player has reached a set amount of having spent real money towards gems, within a one month period (or one week at the very least). Their odds at the summoning gate should increase slightly for that month/week to express your appreciation towards our willingness to spend the large amounts of money that we do in our pursuit towards trying to get certain heroes.

Fifth Suggestion:
The moment someone goes into the quest window, what ever showed up new, should be automatically be rendered no longer “new” the moment they exit the Event Quest area. It’s at times rather annoying when I see the quest button notifying me that there’s something new there when in actual fact, it’s the same quests one seen the first time they went into the quest window… Yes, I know I could go into the quest and then exit it. But to be honest, it’s a rather unnecessary additional step.

Joe a.k.a. Enigmalynx

All very good suggestions

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Thanks Bowstrings. I honestly thought there would be at least one suggestion there that many players would be supportive towards, an arena for alliance members to fight against themselves to test each others lineups when they make changes to it. Or simply to battle each other to have something to bloody well do in this at times boring game while waiting for our fricken energies to replenish. I’m a bit shocked that suggestion got absolutely no support from the players… Anyway, Whatever I guess… Thanks again Bowstrings. Your support was appreciated.

They wouldn’t let you battle each other for free as often as you want. The best scenario you could get is Training Flags, and probably only one a day, and Training Flasks.

Really like #,s 4&5!

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Thank you for your feedback and support fellow player. Hope the new week unfolds in a pleasant way for you.

I agree with all your suggestions, but in my opinion the second one is the most important. It happens to so many other games and it would be amazing if we could do it here as well. Friendly fights between alliance members, without using energy, so players can practice and help each other test new heroes and exchange opinions. More players would try to get a good hero and would help the game overall. I also believe that making items and hero trades between alliance members would also be a gret improvement for the game.

Regarding the third suggestion.

First, it’s not always good to attack heroes 2-4 with such a skill. Let’s say the middle hero is a counterattacker - then it will be probably better not to hit him.

Second, I believe that the automated defense is really supposed to be silly - that’s how the game works.

“First, it’s not always good to attack heroes 2-4 with such a skill. Let’s say the middle hero is a counterattacker - then it will be probably better not to hit him.”

As easily as it could be possible that there could be such a hero within the middle position, there could easily enough be the same kind of hero located at any other position that was randomly selected under the current algorithm.

At any rate, it’s no biggy, being that it’s a problem that’s mutually shared by all…

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I really think there should be a VIP pass that would give you all of the normal things but also include the option to queue your buildings to level them up. This should obviously cost a little more than the normal VIP passes. This would generate a higher profit compared the normally offered passes and would be beneficial to players.

This would mean you would queue them up far past the VIP Pass expiry time thus leaving it active for longer than it already provides.

They could have a max of 10 queue and/or make it to where it can’t go past.

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