A few new ideas to a better leader role

  • on off button at the members screen like wars
    . Titan ranking showing the last time a member attack the titan and number of energies
  • be able to see all heroes of a member. Nowadays they have to print all so I can help or answer a question
  • during war show on the ranking the number of attacks. Hard to count all the attacks looking by name

Being able to see alliance members entire roster for leader and non leader alike. This would be so helpful so often. When i would ask for advice I felt like I had to spam a lot of info, especially for possible titan strikes.

EX. Should I use 3 strong color but my 3rd is hu Tao and only 2-35 vs tibs at 3-60 But have Grimm for defense down. Tibs would be weak against this titan so do you have blah blah blah…I hope you see the point! Lol

It could have a toggle switch on it to make it viewable or hidden. That way people still have a choice to show or not show entire roster at all times.

EX. HIGH I’m fairly new with these titans, can anyone help. Sure toggle your hero list to viewable. Ok. I’d recommend this, this, and this for now. Wowza that was easier!

Not to veer off but I also think for newer players especially, bieng able to link a hero into alliance chat, would be huge. If you have the hero have a button near lock that says link to alliance. Click the link It pops up the hero card at whatever lvl that player linked It at.

It took awhile to get used to what 4 and 5* heroes could do when only mentioned in chat. I guess there are charts but I’d find myself scrolling through the epic hero summons til I finally found the one they said, or didn’t because it was a Hotm at some point. Not everyone finds this enlightning forum so early in our travels!


The one I really want is either a push notification or a way of sending a message with a kick.

So before kicking an inactive player, or with the kick you could ask them to reapply if they pick up the game again.

Everyone has stuff in real life that might make you put down E&P for a week or two without notice, but alliances can’t hang on indefinitely while carrying the extra baggage into wars.

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That is a good one too, aren’t a lot of these things somewhat easy to implement. I know they are only staffed with who they have, but I’d think it would be as easy as programming new heroes in each month. Just give alliance layout a facelift with some tools to make things easier.

I was a guild leader in legendary game of heros and it was so critical in building the strength of your guild to review players card collections and help them to build decks, I can’t believe you can’t do that in this game…

Line and discord solve many issues with this game and has become so 2nd nature that i doubt we see a lot of these and similar quality of life improvements ever come to light