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Hi, First of all sorry for my bad english or grammar :stuck_out_tongue: but ive learned it mainly from videogames ^^

while looking to the forum for a few months and playing the game since august and past expierinces other games ive listed a few ideas that ( maybe ) can improve the game or at least reward some loyal people that spent some money…

mostly what i see is people complaining about summons… sometimes someone do 100+ summons and get a bunch of 3*/4*… then someone else spent 300 gems and get a 5*… always happy for the person but in some way i feel like the most loyal / regular / cheap 2 play players betrayed…

sow my first idea :

create a extra vip system that rewards people for their paying efforts like for example : when you reach an certain amount of gems / money usage you can spin like a bonus wheel where there are 5* in listed ( like 5/10 ) you can make them old hotms like alasie/gravemaker for example or atlantis heroes cuz these 2 categories seems very populair and still keep the charm of seasonal/evenement heroes… amount i let to you… but on that way people get a guarantion they get a 5* soon or later and have a look out to the wheel… it’s also a great way to thank you loyal payers… mainly the funds and money gain will increase… also a free to play gamer have a chance to get a 5* then if he reached the amount of gems…

second idea :

this contains on new resourcers with gems like for example 50% faster world energy regenation / raid energy or a populair one the titan energy 50% faster… if you make it usage with gems that people can get 50% faster titan energy you will have a hole in the market :slight_smile: 12* titans mainly guarantee for a lot of people ascension mats… some top alliances fight them always but people with smaller amount of top players will keep stuck at lower titans all the time and never have a chance to get to a good titan for better loot… its the people their own choice they buy it or not sow no disadvantages of power level there… but on that way you gave lower players a chance to get higher titans also sow everyone have the chance to get there or at least higher… if youre a top alliance with long time players you’re settled nice ofcourse :slight_smile: but if you a player that not play for long its hard to find a top alliance and get to higher titans…

maybe alot of people will hate those ideas ofcourse… but in my opinion it seems some good ideas but everyone have a different taste ofcourse! :slight_smile: feel free to give you opinion about it :slight_smile: also if you have a better improvement for this let me know!

Several of these ideas have been proposed before (I have faith that our resident archivist, @Zephyr1, will hunt them all down faster than I could).

But the big problem they all have is that they tilt the game toward big spenders even more heavily than it already is. What you’re proposing, in effect, is being able to buy a guaranteed 5* draw, and to buy access to high-star titains.

The current system of summons is completely fair, in the sense that everybody has the same chances for getting a 5* on a given summon. A heavy spender may get more chances, but not better chances.

What you’re proposing makes things unfair, because once you spend a certain amount of money, suddenly your chances of a 5* go up to 100%. Big spenders get lots of advantages in this game already. This is an added one they don’t need.


The first idea, a “bonus spin” based on money spent, is similar to these:

@Kerridoc also proposed a refinement to the old shard idea to better address risk of the P2W components of the original version:

It also bears similarity to the increasing odds as you pull ideas, like these:

It also has similarity to “guaranteed 5*” ideas like these:

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The second idea, acceleration of Titan energy with gems, has actually been brought up twice in the last week, so I won’t even bother digging past those:


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Do those two posts above sufficiently cover it?


Well, it’ll do for a start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks man! You can have a genuine, limited edition Garanwyn Cooldown Like :sparkling_heart:

The sparkles make it one of the limited edition ones…


AI’ll keep this thread intact, because any merge is impossible with two distinct ideas in the OP. Please continue discussion in one of he threads @zephyr1 has provided.

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