A Few Good Librarians

Good Day to Everyone!


I am here to promote our little Alliance called, “Arrogant Librarians.” I’m going to give you the facts without any flashy pictures:

(Yes, because I’m too lazy and uncreative to make a flashy picture)

  1. If you opt into War, then you must use all six flags or you will be kicked. Excuses are accepted only rarely and you will definitely get a demotion if you’ve been promoted previously. If you are a Member/Elder and do not use them all, then that will be the end of your time with us.

  2. Titan hits are semi-required as we are currently (15/30) beating every 7* titan we face easily and usually beat 1-2 8* titans without a problem. Niddy’s (our leader) titan management is on point, so we have this down to a science…but consistent hitting is essential. Besides that, we’ve been together so long we pretty much know if we are stopping anyway.

If you fail to hit a titan and it escapes, then you will be kicked unless you gave notice. Notice can just be, “Hey, I might miss a titan within the next 2-3 days because I’m really busy.”

Just communicate so we can plan. You don’t have to give us a specific reason or duration…just let us know you’re busy and might miss and you’ll be good. Make sure to opt out if in doubt when it comes to war.

  1. Even with the strict rules, we are fun and chatty! I’d call us PG-13 and we’re a group that has mostly been together a very long time…but you’ll fit right in, don’t worry!

  2. Our leader, Niddy has a Youtube channel:

Her channel does a monthly giveaway, so that’s awesome! You don’t need to be in the Alliance to participate in giveaways.

  1. We have a Discord set up for roster sharing and titan communication, but participation is not required.

For those of you interested:


Started by me (Duchess Dark Trollop) as, “Dominatrix Library,” the first members of the alliance were Niddy (now the leader), Phoenix (Niddy’s RL roommate) and Lucila Morningstar (My real life roomate!)

We emphasized strict rules (even stricter than now!) and operated mostly as a training alliance when I ran it. The goal of the alliance was to be a place for players who were lower-level, but wanted to play in a casually competitive way where the rules would ACTUALLY be enforced.

How annoying is it to lose a war ONLY because a bunch of your mates didn’t use all their flags? Ugh.

The original name was, “Dominatrix Library,” with the first word now being a censored word!!! It wasn’t a censored word at the time it was created.

After nearly a year, a failed merger was attempted with another alliance and was abandoned after two days. Since Dominatrix Library technically joined them, I had to reform the alliance and we all had to find each other…which we mostly did.

The reformed alliance has existed for 379 days.

At some point in the interim, I resigned as leader and turned leadership over to Niddy. I left the alliance and basically became a War Merc. I would later rage quit the game and, “Nuke,” my entire team…but then a few months ago I decided to start over from nothing except having an advantage by having buildings completed.

I had bandied about changing the name from, “Dominatrix Library,” to, “Insufferable Arrogance,” though this was before I left.

Niddy blended the two and created, “Arrogant Librarians,” as a name, which is a great name! The old name, “Dominatrix Library,” didn’t really fit who was left in the alliance and I’d basically named it that because of being a female leader with such strict rules…the “Library,” part was because we were a training alliance and I thought the two words together were pretty ironic sounding.

We’re looking to get up to 9* titans are take winning wars very seriously. We run green tanks and like to try to hit in pairs, when possible, mostly Wednesday Evening (USA Time) and Sunday morning.

If your hit schedule is different, it’s fine…the hit schedule is not mandatory…but it is when you would enjoy the most interaction with the rest of the team.

Please stop in and say hi and see if it’s a fit. If not, no hard feelings, thanks for visiting!

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