A few changes

  • add the possibility of an infinite number of heroes to raise the level when the hero already has 8/8.

  • add a “slider” in training camps so that you can add or remove trainings faster (this is very troublesome when we recover food from 20lvl and we transfer recruits to 11lvl training) so as to move immediately to the maximum number of recruits for training

  • end the war when one of the parties has no chance of winning

  • increase the number of offers similar to the one that is on Valentine’s Day (one person from an alliance buys something - the entire alliance gets a reward)

  • add Polish chat from 20lvl

  • add a chat for all countries where asking to finish the titan and recruitment will be completely forbidden to talk normally

  • remove 3 * when drawing events (the topic is probably there, but this is a very good oroposition

sorry for my English.

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