A few bugs / problems I have noticed lately

Dear SG @Petri and team,

I have noticed a few issues with the game lately.

  1. a few days ago, i was raiding, and the game screen just froze. i couldn’t do anything even after waiting for a while. about to win the match, but i had to exit the game and when i went in, it marked as a loss.

  2. on may 16th, i was doing my war hits. during of the matches, one of my heroes, Brynhild, had her defense against special skills in place. but Malosi hit her and when he did, there was “bypassed” after his hit. isn’t "bypass"specific to ranger? Malosi is a barbarian so why the hell would he bypass a defensive buff?

  3. and today, played my first tournament hit, i won that match. thereafter i clicked on “next match”. but it hung, again i waited. nothing. had to log out and log in again. and this is what i saw.

fix the game SG!!.

Please don’t give us your template response of “make sure you are well connected to the internet”. the problem isn’t with my internet etc. My phone works fine.


In the case of Malosi, do you use the yellow ninja troops? :slight_smile:

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It is possible that Malosi was supported by a ninja troop.

Same issue. Just a few minutes ago:

I was winning yet, because the game froze with nothing working even if you “back” the game app, I was forced to close it. Of course, the first hit results to zero (the second attack was due to poor boards):

i guess that’s the only explanation. thanks!

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