A few 5* hero ideas

Storm caller
Color: Green
Character: Druid
Balance: even stat distribution
Special (average mana):
Random of:
Hurricane - all units take 100% of Druid’s normal damage and are randomly shuffled (affects both enemies and allies)
Lightning - strikes a random enemy for 450% damage
Ice Storm - all enemy units damage reduced by 33% for 3 turns

Color: Purple (any really works)
Attack: *
Defense: *
Health: 1200
Special: *
(*) Doppelgänger becomes one of the random enemy units at the start of each turn and mirrors their attack, defense, special and mana gain rate

Color: Blue
Balanced for higher attack
Mana rate: Average
Special: Psychic blast
Idea 1: Targets a single unit, dealing 275% damage and steals 25% of their mana
Idea 2: Creates a psychic link with enemy. Enemy takes % of Psion’s normal damage per percentage of any mana gained for 5 turns

Color: Purple
Mana rate: Slow or Average
Special: One of:
50% chance to resurrect fallen allies with 50% of health, but unit takes 125 damage every turn (non dispelable)
Summon zombies (minions) with % health and attack from caster

Your 2nd hero would be fun to see.

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