A duo of experienced players looking for a home

Hey everyone. A friend and I just left an alliance we have been a part of for a couple of years. We have parked ourselves somewhere, but I’m unconvinced it’s a long-term solution and wanted to see if anyone feels like they might be a better option. We both have what I think are very strong and diverse rosters. We can each probably accommodate any color tank request.

We are looking for the following:

  • An alliance that has at least 25 members
  • A balance between a laid-back atmosphere while also remaining active and competitive
  • Limited restrictions on war hits. We come from a free-for-all structure and would prefer to choose our own targets.
  • Hit at least 12* titans (neither of us have ever hit a 13* with legit intent to kill, but would welcome the challenge)
  • Would like to aim for a reasonable mythic titan placement as an alliance
  • Discord as an option but not required

Please let us know if you think you might be a fit for us and also any questions that you might have. Thanks!


Oh… TBD part Deux might fit @Yates1876

Yes & yes

We do war attacks in waves, but during FFA no holds barred!

12* is the norm

We’ve done OK as an alliance in the past.


We are an international alliance of active daily players. I’m confident you’ll both enjoy it here.


Just hit that link above and we can have a chat about us

Hi. Try Skeleton Clique we currently have 25 ACTIVE DAILY MEMBERS! War is preferred, however, it’s ok to opt out when needed, we understand real life comes first. We do run a strategy for war and if you participate in war you must use all flags/hits.

Line app (preferred). Line app is only mandatory for all Co leaders.

Currently fighting 11 to 13* titans.

Let me know if you fancy joining for a few days to check out the atmosphere

Please consider giving Misery Loves E&P a try, we’re at 23 but y’all would make 25. We’re a chill group and stress using war flag. plenty of fun back and forth banter. we were at 28+ 2 months ago and was doing 12/13 titan and trying to get back. War are free for all with rotating tanks every few weeks for fun.

Come join us at Misery Loves E&P, and one of our members named Scott will send you quality Bourbon. Just ask him!

Hey @korf!

Crew-Sapphires is part of the Crew Family ofAlliances. Have checked out any of our crews yet?

As the leader of Crew-Sapphires, we’re semi-casual but we do keep things active and fun for sure!

  • 25/30 members right now and looking to grow!
  • 11/12* Titans. We just passed on a 13* but we new people, I cannot WAIT to take one down =) #SLAPTitansNotTeammates :smile:
  • Activity: Min 4 hits daily on Titans OR 60k total damage. We do understand real life happens so while we do hand out warnings occasionally, they do reset every month! It really helps keep people remain active while still being able to do what they want/need to do lol
  • War Strategy: Free for All-ish, we don’t flip until the end of the war but at the end of the day what we really prioritize is just 100 flag use.
  • We use LINEID and active participation isn’t required but it is a way for us see rosters and communicate with members one on one if necessary.

If this sounds like it could be a fit, i’d love to welcome you both! You can message me here, knock on our door, or find me on LINE at 702dez82

Cheers and good luck in your search!

I appreciate all of the responses and suggestions. We have settled on a home that we are very excited about.


Awesome. Glad I responded still:) Best of luck there!!!

You made a great pitch!

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Closed as OP has found a home.