A dude 🐉 could come your way

Haha yeah @Nervicii watch yah launage on here ain’t outlaw mud show like reddit :joy::wink::+1:

I’ll have my launage monitored by the cat

Are they candidates for a gong? LionRoar put me down once in a thread and I’m not generally forgiving but without him and @Anchor (and Yukimura Sanada who taught me the art of chaos), my game play would be going nowhere. Thank you all three. :laughing:

@JAWS_3D gets one for this post made me laugh nice one

Here the thread


Haha thanks buddy! :shark: :100: :love_letter:

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I think @TGW deserves a dragon for it. I followed his advice and a short time later I finally had my Lianna too! :wink:


Maybe he get one… One day glad he was able to help yall :slight_smile:


I’m always happy to help friendly people here if I’m able to. Though if someone is asking advice on something like which of the new 5* heroes are best, I don’t know, because I don’t have them, I can’t afford to summon for them, and I’m not lucky enough to randomly pull them. Best of luck to the rest of you though!

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You may very well be the most decorated forum member.

Maybe the most decorated too?:



I could never pull off an outfit like that. It makes me look fat.

Uhhh no, TGW, your fat is what makes you look fat.

Okay, yeah, that too.

I’m pretty sure all those badges of mine are just purple hearts for all the times I’ve been shot in the buttocks while engaging in forum debates.


Nope, those look like this:

EDIT: Got flagged. I get why, my bad.


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So which mod do I talk to about collecting those? Or are you in the running to become a mod? Maybe that can be your signature medal that you give out.

If I am in the running it is unbeknownst to me and also completely accidental :laughing:

Clearly I have no idea of what warrants a medal given my distinct lack of any.

I have plenty of metal though:


Brief tangent, I used to play in bands but now at age 37 even just seeing that gif made my neck sore :laughing:



My 3 Bardic medals were granted to me for writing ridiculous poems / stories. The cow medal I got from tipping a little Kalf in one of those counting / letter / whatever threads.

At age 42, that gif gives me a headache. Please turn down that racket, whippersnapper.

To think… 20 years ago I used to drive around with my windows down blasting obnoxious music at full volume just to annoy suburbanites, with the mistaken belief that it made me appear rebellious and cool. I’m now beginning to understand why they didn’t fully appreciate it.

Added note: they also don’t appreciate it when you use their neighborhood as a quarter mile drag racing strip at 2 a.m.

Stupid kids. LOL

Added additional edit: even worse when the police come to bust up an illegal street race, and yeah, it’s mostly teenagers in suped up Honda Civics, but then there’s also Mr. Midlife Crisis in his red convertible Corvette playing make believe Fast & Furious to show off to his 20 year old girlfriend… because that’s not embarrassing at all…

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For the record, I didn’t flag it. But yeah. They have rules around here. I should probably also check myself before I go too far.

Or maybe I should go too far on purpose, to force myself to stay away from here.

That happened to me earlier. I arrived here to see that unholy green warning. Look for the notification and there isn’t one. It got unflagged?? It is seriously doing my head in. :laughing:

First flag ever for me. I thought I got a badge for it?


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Nah, you get a badge for flagging other people. I flagged myself as off topic to get mine. And appropriately so. I was completely off topic.

In fact… I’m off topic right now. If you’re feeling up to flagging someone. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously, go ahead. I won’t take it personally. Off topic flags are essentially a slap on the wrist.

6 new @BarryWuzHere Barry is a god
@Pois1 for data collection too
@Saltyy @Ruskin505 @Ultra @Silencio for help in the community :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I will wear it proudly


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