A dude 🐉 could come your way

Bit like @JonahTheBard medal :3rd_place_medal:

Gonna give a dragon to people on the fourm on certain posts. That I basically think cool or helpful or funny :sunglasses::dragon:.
(If I give you a dragon please let me know if you don’t want it)

First person @HeathenHammer
Second @Sarah2
Third @Chadmo
Fourth @JGE
Fith @Nervicii
Sixth @JAWS_3D
Seventh @BarryWuzHere
Eigth @Pois1
Ninth @Ruskin505
Tenth @Saltyy
Eleventh @Ultra
Twentieth @Silencio
Twenty first @VeryQuietly
Twenty second @ratabboypda
Twenty third @Zartanis
Twenty fourth @VEIVE
Twenty five @birksg
Twenty six @christie
Twenty seven @Markpessan
Twenty eighth @Kiiro
Twenty nine @W01fheart
Thirty @ColdHands
Thirty one @RandaPanduh
Thirty two @jinbatsu
Thirty three @Avrilfra
Thirty four @PlayForFun
Thirty five @marki
Thirty six @Mistress_of_Shadows
Thirty seven @princess1
Thirty eight @SamMe
Thirty nine @Math4lyfe
Forty @Radar1
Forty one @PlayForFun.
Forty two @MxJunie
Forty three @Xiao
Forty four @Radar1
Forty five @Sam-I-Am
Forty six @ferg
Forty seven @sleepyhead
Forty eight @PlayForFun
Forty nine @OldCynic
Fifty- @Gryphonknight
Fifty one @GDIBass
Fifty two @Die1000Deaths
Fifty three @Cheds
Fifty Four @Red_Sun
Fifty five @Suicide_Bunny
Fifty six @Jop
Fifty seven @Mr.Spock
Fifty eight @Elpis
Fifty nine @Shohoku79
Sixty @OGdirty1Kanobi
Sixty one @yelnats_24
Sixty two @Maudib
Sixty three @ThePirateKing
Sixty four @Khalypso
Sixty five @BaiMingCG
Sixty six @Fledger
Sixty seven @The_Seeker
Sixty eight @Noble_Weasel
Sixty nine @Yomagn-tho
Seventy @Yanitsa
Seventy one @Jura
Seventy two @Faeldin
Seventy three @Bukefal
Seventy four @Theo87
Seventy five @sleepyhead
Seventy six @SamMe
Seventy seven @ArktikaTF
Seventy eight @sommc
Seventy nine @Wick
Eighty @Marik
Eighty one @PlayForFun
Eighty two @koziar993
Eighty three @Nexus1254
Eighty Four @Alberto1
Eighty Five @Dragongirl13
Eighty six @XiaoYan
Eighty seven @Gwniver
Eighty eight @TheMountain
Eighty nine @Cerevan_the_Omni
Ninety @Sorvina
Ninety one @jake-of-all-trades
Ninety two @Zeratul
Ninety three @VisionOfDivision
Ninety four @ArktikaTF
Ninety five @Ship
Ninety six @GlitterWes
Ninety seven @brankitohero
Ninety eight @zack
Ninety nine @maryij
One hundred @GlootingMoose
One hundred one @J_3ezy
One hundred two @The_Seeker
One hundred three @OAlexisO
One hundred four @MonsterMonty
One hundred five @Armian
One hundred six @Ventress
One hundred seven @Nynaeve_alMeara
One hundred eight @VFROOD
One hundred nine @Shadowlander
One hundred ten @DarkShadow
One hundred eleven @Chadmo
One hundred twelve @rebelsouljah
One hundred thirteen @Gargon
One hundred fourteen @Dessertrose
One hundred fithteen @Rook
One hundred sixteen @Kvothe
One hundred seventeen @BobTheSnark
One hundred eighteen @Ruskin505
One hundred nineteen @zephy
One hundred twenty @Junim
One hundred twenty one @Sh1
One hundred twenty two @Elioty33
One hundred twenty three @TribL
One hundred twenty four @nevarmaor
One hundred twenty five @Ranvir
One hundred twenty six @Smaug_the_Golden
One hundred twenty seven @mrchief
One hundred twenty eight @Pike
One hundred twenty nine @Saphirra
One hundred thirty @Maciurella
One hundred thirty one @Soulwarden
One hundred thirty two @StillVictor
One hundred thirty three @Blem
One hundred thirty four @Pandita
One hundred thirty five @BlackZed
One hundred thirty six @Pr0spero
One hundred thirty seven @dansing


I’ll take it, thank you


Is it possible to get both?




It should be, I have seen people (okay, one person) with two medals.


I’m a lightweight as I have neither a title or a dragon. So I’m basically asking if I can have one please? That’s a touch more begging-ish than being cool, but I am a lobster from NZ, so what more do you want? :rofl:


I kept trying to get a Bard medal with my mix of wit and good old British humour but alas, nothing I do has worked. I even try to helpful…sometimes but still, nothing.

So he’s dead to me now. I’m after a Dragon instead.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why can’t I see medals and dragons next to nicknames? :thinking:

BTW, I would love to get one, I love dragons ^^.

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I can only think that’s your operating system on your phone? Have you got anything disabled in your setting? Is it fully up to date?

I don’t use my phone for reading and posting, I use my PC, Chrome browser.

Cookies enabled and all that stuff? If they show as blocks it’s usually something either not updated or blocked

You can’t use that reverse psychology on me, man :crazy_face:

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Darn it! Even my cunning ruses aren’t cunning enough anymore.


I love a trier though. Keep reaching for your :star2:


Hard lockdown number 3 in the Isle of Man at the moment. So setting these little aspirational goals help to keep you sane.


Try making them more rusey

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My last one was more cunning than a Weasel that had just graduated from Cunning University.

I don’t know how much more rusey I can get :joy:

But if there’s one thing Cheds doesn’t back down from it’s a challenge. Until it gets too hard and then I quit for other made up reasons.


i’ve checked inbox just a black hole in there, no trace of dragon

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Ooooh pulling out the big guns with a Blackadder quote