A Draw/ A Stalemate

So this has happened to me in raids. I’ll have one player available and the team I’m battling has one player available and we both lose energy but I’m the one who’s taking the L. It just happened to me in the “Morlovia” quest, I was using Obakan he was my last player I was at the boss he was the last one standing I was fully powered up I already used my special ability on the boss he’s strikes with his special ability we both lose energy but I’m the one that takes the L. Why is that happening?

It’s like blackjack. The house wins all ties. I have a maxed Boril at the center of my main team, and it has happened dozens of times where he reflects damage that killed him to kill the final opponent, and I take the loss. Annoying but SG has to draw the line somewhere.

If no one standing at the end, who reclaim the reward? :wink:

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And that’s exactly what happened to me. I was so heated

If no one’s standing, Defense wins.


You might want to rethink bringing in Obakan against Morlovia. Purple on purple is weak.


I second that. I replaced him with a half powered up HuTao and rolled through the last level with no problem.

@Rook :expressionless::unamused: I Think That’s Foul lol

99% agree. But bringing Rigard or Sabina can be good as while your purple tiles only do half damage to them, they are only doing half damage to you and it keeps your healers around longer. Especially helpful if your team isn’t full 70s. This was quite helpful to my sons as Sabina is their only healer and the half damage kept her alive much longer so they could save potions and items for boss stage.