A Different Kind of "balanced" New Heroes

I have a proposal for a different type of new heroes; heroes that are useful but no one will shout “OP!”; Utility heroes! These heroes have similar stats and weaker specials than season 1 5 stars, but they have additional utility features:

  1. Titan Slayer: +15 seconds to Titan Timer
  2. Miser: +20% loot on stages
  3. Lotto Addict: + tiny chance for atlantis coin/gem drop on normal stages (say 5 atlantis coins per 100 WE average as an example)
  4. Raid Enthusiastic/Stage enthusiast: 5% chance to not use Raid energy/WE
  5. Thief: 5% chance to steal double cups from raid opponent; 5% chance to not lose cups upon loss.
  6. Builder: -1 minute on a building timer per monster killed by this particular hero, and not other heroes

Other ideas:

Automation Spirit Link: +50% attack, +20% crit hit, +24% mana to all heroes, On Completed Stages Only. Does not work on uncompleted stages, does not work on raids or titans or Challenge events

Wow, really cool! They are all cool and unique but I like the miser, lotto addict, and thief most. Of course with the thief I then just end up with more cups and become a magnet for other raiders lol. Still though, sounds fun. If only there was a hero who gave a better chance at procuring 4* mats with titans and such :slightly_smiling_face:

Very interesting, but heroes that “defy” rules are really dangerous for balance.

Still i apreciate the idea.

Maybe heroes that can dispel undispellable status effects?

Oh wait. Too soon?

Already there… :innocent:

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