A definition of End Game

First off, RNG I am fine with. I have been in the diamond tier for a long time getting A+ rating on titans and top attacker on Wars. I have been rolling 2 star AM 99% of the time. I feel this is the same scenario for most of my current Alliance. And, now, the majority of the Alliance is inactive. This is and should be the definition of “end game”. People don’t continue to play if their efforts are not rewarded to progress their decks and be able to adjust to the current meta in a reasonable and balanced manner. And, 97% of this Alliance have NOT stacked up decks with all full leveled 5 star heroes with talent grids. Even if I did roughly $20 per month in purchased loot boxes, I wouldn’t be able to progress a deck more than 1% to 2%. Please adjust the balance as this is a fun game and I would like to see it stick around.

What * heroes are your alliance hitting?

We hit 11* and are getting 3/4* AM…


Loot tier determines the number of ascension mat rolls, I know that. Is loot tier X from an A+ on a 7* the exact same as loot tier X from a C on a 10*? I’ve never seen a definitive answer about that. My alliance hits primarily 7* and I am almost always the A+. I don’t get ascension mats very often at all. I’m not complaining, I like the slow grind. I’m just wondering if loot tier X is the same regardless of how you got it?

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Base loot tier is C on whatever * you fight:

7* C = 7 Loot Tier
7* B = 8 Loot Tier
7* A = 9 Loot Tier
7* A+ = 10 Loot Tier

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Please see the link above for the more definitive answer. :slight_smile:

Right, that I knew. What I mean is; is 10 Loot Tier the same for me as it is for you? Or do you get better odds because you took down a higher * titan? We’d both get 3 ascension mat rolls, but my odds at a 4* mat might be 1% while yours is 4%, for example.

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If we’re both in Tier 10, it works the same for both of us, that is, we both get the same number of rolls, BUT those rolls are random, governed by RNG.

If you read the link, you’ll see which tiers have higher rolls and more chances at an item. :slight_smile:


Same number of rolls AND same RNG odds? So, there is no benefit to fighting a 10* if you can only get a C grade while you can get an A+ on a 7*

Yeah, I have read that link before :slight_smile: I knew the tiers had the same number of rolls, regardless of what level titan you beat to get that tier… I just think it’s odd; if you beat a 10*, your loot tier X should have slightly better odds than mine does, I think. Same number of rolls, just different odds. I guess the benefit to higher level titans is more of a group benefit; there are more loot tier X’s available. In my alliance, only the A+ gets it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I was familiar with loot tiers and that article, but I always thought loot tier X should be better if obtained on a 10* versus a 7*. Same number of rolls is good, that is what makes it loot tier X, but slightly improved odds at the good stuff from bigger titans.

Edit: Sorry if this was a little off topic, but OP mentioning not getting items from titans made me think of it :stuck_out_tongue: I thought maybe lower * titans might be the reason, if he is in a smaller alliance.

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@Revelate quotes @Mai, here:

So according to them both, Tier X (10) is Tier X, whether you get it from 7* A+, 8* A, 9* B, or 10* C.

If you read the first link i posted from Revelate, you know that 7* A+ will only be one person per titan, whereas every alliance member who fights a 10* will get at least Tier X loot, no matter whether they are a C, B, A or A+, so hitting a 10* titan is preferable for the alliance.

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Loot Tier 9

Devs do not like small increments.

This philosophy is why Stronghold 22 and 24 just delay you getting Stronghold 23 and 25. I do not know why Devs did not spread out Advanced buildings so Stronghold 21 to 25 always unlocked an Advanced building.

Your alliance wants to fight 9* titans ( in 1.5 years my alliance is still fighting 6* titans) since it is possible to get 30x C, or higher, for Loot tier 9 ( 3x ascension rolls and early tier that drops all 4* ascension items ).

But it is difficult to get 30x B, or higher, on an 8* titan because several teammates will drop to C score and loot tier 8.


I am not.

I have leveled almost all my 4*, I have almost 10x 4*+15, and I have nothing to do after 1.5 years.

I actually regret most of the money I spend on IAP ( not you VIP Pass and "It’s raining loot tickets " ) because the game would still be interesting if I did not have all but one 4* hero ( gorram frakking RNG, still no Cyprian on one account).

The low rate to summon 5* heroes means I have none to work on.

The low rate of 4* ascension items makes me scared to use them.

All MMOs are grinds, but Empires has several RNG paywalls. It has become annoying that most new content is gem summons heroes.


Maybe I’m playing too casual. After about 15-16 months of playing I still only have 5 maxed 5* and 9 maxed 4*. Nowhere near “end game” for me.

I think OP needs a new, more active alliance with better chance at higher titan loot.

I really hate that about version 23. If they only want 2 more stronghold levels to do something, it should be level 22 and level 23. Jumping to 25 is completely pointless and just wastes time for no reason. I hope they listen to people in beta and change that :confused:

9* titans aren’t happening for us for awhile. I’m getting pretty annoyed with my alliance. 22 out of 25 for the war chest and four people announce that they won’t be on today… still in war though. Ugh. I hate seeing the 0s for titan attack, too…


Sounds like a source of frustration. If you would decide to move on, this forum has a recuitment section.

I’m c2p player, vip only. I have no problem with ascension mats for 4s and getting high level mats on an acceptable way. My alliance hunts 11-12 titans. I have the unconfirmed, possibly biased opinion that higher level titans give better loot.

End game is reaching top 100 while filling the chest, all buildings maxed, at least 30 heroes maxed, top rankings on events and tournaments and winning 5 of 6 warflags against stronger opponents. You have almost every epic and about 20 legends and summons only throw duplicates.

Luckily nobody is endgame anymore now :wink:

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Unlocking 4* ascension items

You need Titan loot tier 9 to unlock all 4* ascension items, so higher titan loot tier give better loot. So if you are getting titan loot tier 1-6, you cannot get some 4* ascension items.

Additionally, 3 ascension items rolls is +50% more 4* ascension items and 4, is +100%.


It is hard to find a casual, mature, friendly alliance that can take down 9* titans. To take down 9* titans when 50% of players may not be able to hit each day due to Real Life, requires good 5* heroes and 4* ascension items. So it is a Catch-22.


Agreed @StephenNap89, and wasting time doesn’t “extend the fun” as some folks on here seem to think. Yeah once you’ve got all buildings maxed you’ve got nothing more to build/work on-Good!!! I have my roster to work on and I don’t wanna sit there looking at pointless timers all day every day. Nothing fun about it. And I don’t want cool new stuff locked for a year or two. Who would, it’s ridiculous.

Sucks your alliance is like that bud. We only have currently 23 members, partly due to that because I Won’t look at zeros on Wars 6 flags left…we boot those folks. It’s hard to find a good balance between overzealous, and chill while still being a competitive alliance that’s making progress but we’re finally at a point where the members we have all think along the same lines. Takes some time (and enforcement of the rules) but you can get there if you work at it.

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I do like extending the game. If everything was maxed in a week, we’d all have gotten bored and left ages ago. I just don’t like that the upgrade does nothing at all. I agree the timer for the new stuff is a little high, but I definitely like the slow grind.

Yeah, that’s what I want; gets stuff done but isn’t crazy obsessive about it. I read that some alliances require you to attack the titan as soon as you log in for the day, and have attacked at least X times by a certain time of day… pass. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not when all the cool stuff is behind a paywall.

My advice: Find a new alliance immediately. An alliance that has turned inactive is not likely to ever recover. Anyone deciding to put in an effort to get it back up and running will just wear her-/himself out.

I’m not sure what you mean here. I am very c2p, but have loads of hero’s after 2 years of playing (29 5* only from tc20). Ascension mats eventually stop being a major hindrance for c2p/f2p given that you find yourself a home in an alliance where you can evolve.

Endgame is probably closing in on me. Today I got Marjana from tc20. Everything else desirable to me is now behind a paywall. We’re gonna be flooded by new heros for old events, hotm’s and whatnot, but future content for c2p/f2p remains unclear.

Unless academy and/or advanced training bring new options, I can see an end to my adventure in e&p in the foreseeable future. But not just yet.


But it’s not just about YOU - it’s about your alliance. Fighting 10* titans and winning means EVERYONE is tier shifted up and their mats correspondingly improve - overtime this makes your alliance stronger and you can kill stronger titans which snowballs…


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