A day of no cool down for wanted missions?

I sent this idea to empire and puzzles customer service and they said to ask here, so I ask, what do you guys think if they made a day/event where for a day or two, there is no cool downs for the wanted missions?

I don’t think it is too broken, because we will have to wait for energy and/or use flask to refill. It also allows players to stock up on items and ham and iron and more chances at tokens, which is nice. What do you guys think?

I’d like it. Might bother using a harvester

This would be awesome during Atlantis rises!

Well, about that…

Granted this idea would finally give me a use for the raid flasks, but there would probably still need to be some kind of practical limit to the number of chests that can be filled during the event to prevent abuse.

Pretty good idea, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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you don’t get to participate lol

good idea, there should be a limit, maybe 10 or 20 a day :slight_smile:

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I read many posts saying ‘good idea’ but could only see 1 vote!. Probably not an acceptable idea…
Personally , I think it will drift from being fun into being a chore, there are many activities in the game already . Besides real life should be considered.
However, it could be applicable as a one off special event for this COVID-19 period !




Yeah, it’s a little chore-ish but getting to open more wanted chest would be nice, increase chances of gems and tokens, plus the ham and iron, if you’re into that, could be nice

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raids are fun and if you get tired of them, you could always leave it, it takes 6 hours for energy to refill so you can take a break then

Could just make doing wanted missions worth the WE

Think a weekly/daily gift should be added to the game ranging from from food to summoning tokens not only will it help keep players but add to the Facebook page as well a win win imo… and maybe add a item to do as many world battles as possible in an hour make it rare/ uncommon just food for thought

That’d be cool too, if they make it really worth it, guarantee ascension mats and tokens and stuff

That be bit ott but def should change them up a bit! Been some good suggestions but don’t think its on sgg proitys.
I do gems n recuits bout it maybe the one with a raid flask at the end depending on what else is going on!
Even small players prob won’t do them or if people make alt accounts they know what’s worth it or not!
Iv only been playing a year so dunno if they the still same quest from when they first started.
If any long term players @rigs @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard has quest change a lot over time or just the same stuff as normal?

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Quests haven’t changed and have been complained about forever

They suck and are pointless

Rare quests, class quests, masquerade quest, seasonal quests, and recruits II w/token

Only quests i even consider doing.

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Thanks dude!

20 more quests

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As far as the chest idea…

It won’t happen.

Would increase the ascension mat income too much

would require a tweaking of the ascension mat probabilities or even possibly eliminating them altogether for this 1 day

But yea sure i like the original idea

And even without mat possibilities I’d still fill the chests for the hams & iron

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Like the idea, but it wouldn’t happen because of the massive mat increases as rigs notes, but also potentially that it could lead to a triggering of multiple colored chests as well, leading to a further skewing of mats (depending on how those are triggered).

It takes nothing for higher level players to replay 3 WE season 1, 7-4 to fill a chest on auto in about 6-7 battles and less than ten minutes; if you’re giving 5 to 7 chests an hour, and I have my flasks, I’ll guarantee I’ll get something great out of that over the course of the day (if nothing else, several hundred gems for doing nothing). I can’t see them ever doing that.

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