A Dark Day - TC20 . RIP Rigard :(

So decided to pull from my TC 20 for feeders as I wanted to level some heroes, and where better to get an abundant source of 3* heroes than non truly TC-lv20! :tada:

So I did get a few 3* heroes… sadly only 4 but several dark heroes, including my friend Rigard ( yes we went to school and pitched marbles together!)

I got lame Quintus who I’ve tried to evade for over a year but now I have too many heroes so I’ll have to feed Rigard. I know several members of this EP community would love to have him but I can’t give and I need space , so RIP buddy duplicates - Rigard. :pensive:


It appears you don’t hold him in high Rigard? To use him as a common feeder is disgraceful!!!
Plus Quintus could be usefully in a stack. He hits hard, once he’s charged :wink:


Don’t disRigard the thought of buying more slots for him. How do you have 5x 5* heroes all at lvl 61? Is that an awesome coincidence?


Is this worth a thread? :shrug:

I fed away multiple Proteus, Rigard, Sabina, Ameonna, even 2 Evelyn… Nobody needs more than 2 of the same hero.

Rigarding your plight, I could only offer a little song I heard somewhere.

The first cut is the deepest…


Except Proteus. Six of Hel/Proteus is always useful on wars.


No, it’s cool, but boring. :sleeping:

I have 2 Proteus and 2 Evelyn. One of each often stays benched during the whole war.

Only my 2nd Mother North is absolutely worth keeping and greyed out after the first 3 flags.

These are my only 3 leveled twins. I like variety… Maybe one day my 2nd Grimm, Kiril, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Rigard will get some food… Maybe…

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I have the SAME lineup, lol. And dupes of Triton and Wu Kong as well.

My only leveled twins (albeit incomplete) are two 3-70 Aegirs.

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Lol. No coincidence, I just try to level them all the same time… hence I’m taking forever

I regard Rigard in high hold! I got him very , very , late in the game and as u can tell I have one maxed , and currently working on another … and the game drops 2 more on me ! Geez .
I just can’t keep em all.


Ofc… these days anything can be a post… even a regular banter .
Plus I’ve seen worse :kissing_closed_eyes:

Totally not related to this topic but I’ll help . Click the " + " icon on the forum heading, from there type what you want, and put it under alliance recruitment. Voila :champagne:

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RIP in pieces!

A tad over a year into the game, and still have never pulled Rigard! I just recently fired up my TC20’s again trying to get Rigard/Grimm! No luck so far though. :frowning:

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Lol, I hear that @Justab0x. I haven’t seen so many Rigards together since the Cleric Convention in Philly, 5 years ago :joy:


Oh boy, I have a feeling you will wish you held on to those extra 5* HOTM when the hero academy comes out.

I have only been playing for about a month and of course this looks amazing to me. How long have you been playing to have that roster if you don’t mind sharing :slight_smile:


Why 2 X Wu?

20 good for nothing except titans monkeys

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My roster isn’t that fantastic tbh, but I’m FTP :sweat_smile:
Sometime in February made it 1 year . So a year and 4 months.

Ps the Screen shot was just the dark heroes I pulled . Just work on leveling your buildings and as you can tell I got the" New" heroes from the training camp -lv20. In no time you will be just as good or better than I am! :innocent:

I actually did laugh reading this !

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@Justab0x, glad I could make laugh. Seeing as you are surrounded by clerics…not the most merry bunch to hang with :wink:

Thanks for sharing.
Even more fantastic since I can tell that you are a very nice person :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your kind words, but I’m not really that nice of a person , any chap here would have given you advice.

You can check these out if you have time , instead of spending gems like crazy .

And this

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